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prorap aio???

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does anyone out there have experiance with the prorap all in one's?are they super bulky?is there something wrong with them or is just they're not as cute so they're cheaper?
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Don't hold me to this, but I *thought* I heard that they were vinyl as opposed to PUL & I don't like vinyl, so I haven't tried them. The soaker is prefold material, which appeals to me, but I have it in my head that they're vinyl (or vinyl lined PUL or something like that?)
I bought two of them when they first came out. That is one diaper I hated. The outside is stiff and crinkly.. the inside is a prefold, but it was cut a funky direction. The whole thing is bound in fold over elastic, but what seemed to be some kind of industrial kind .. it wasn't soft and it left horrible red marks on my daughters legs. The overall fit was bad. In my opinion, if you want an inexpensive AIO.. go with a gabby or a kushies. They aren't bullet proof either, but they are a million times nicer than the prorap AIO's. Maybe prorap was changed them since I had some, but the pictures don't look like it. If you get one.. just get ONE to try.. don't invest a lot and get it used if you can. I have heard some people say they like them so maybe I'm the exception.

Just a quick note here (naking
). I had a couple and the outer material looks exactly like procare. I would say I'm 99% sure ('cause I had some of the "material"). They seemed to run pretty small. They worked ok, but didn't use them long. hth
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I had some newborn/small ones. I really liked them for the diaper bag. I never tried the bigger sizes though. They were pretty absorbant, and i never had a leak with them. They did run small, but they were a great cost effective aio in the nb period.
thanks for the help ladies!
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