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Protein powder and pregnancy

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I was wondering if any of you are using protein powder during your pregnancy. We found a whey protein powder at Whole Foods that is hormone-free and no artificial sweeteners. I was reading somewhere that supplements with phenylalanine are not good for pregnant woman and this one of course has it.

I'm trying to get more protein in my diet...esp while pregnant and "borderline" Gest DM. I'll eat dairy, eggs, nuts, and forcing myself to eat some chicken and occasional some red meat. It's hard for me to eat meat. Thanks!!!
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I went to an awesome acupuncturist and nutritionist when preg with dc #2. She suggested Goatein which is a protien powder made with goat's milk. It supplies a full range of amino acids, is antibiotic free (and possible organic), and is chock full of protein. The flavor wasn't the best. I used to drink it in a glass of chocolate milk in the morning.

I used to order it off of You can check out the details of the product on the link I listed above. It is expensive but it lasts a long time, - maybe a month and half if you use a scoop a day?
I use hemp protein powder. The brand I buy is Manitoba Harvest. It's not certified organic, but they don't use pesticides or herbicides to grow it (I think hemp grows like a weed, so it's easier not to resort to this stuff). I used to use soy protein powder, but I am trying not to OD on soy these days. Plus, I don't know of a soy protein powder that is organic.

I also know someone who uses pea protein powder.
I use a whey powder sometimes to boost my protein intake. My midwife is okay with it, and it is becoming very helpful for this oh so hotttt weather.
I use USANA's Soyamax and Nutrimeal mixes... they are pharmaceutical grade products and go through the highest quality and manufacturing standards (of course no pesticides, hormones, chemicals...nothing toxic at all).

also, do you like fish? and lentils & soybeans have the most protein of all beans.. i think.
I used to use UltraBalance Medical Foods brand protein powder.

It has rice protein concentrate... no corn, sweetener, wheat, yeast, soy, egg, milk casein, stimulates, or artificial flavoring.

You have to buy it through a health practitioner.

-- Caitlin
I use protein powder I got at Wild Oats, I don't know what kind it is. Who says phenylalanine is bad during pregnancy? It is an amino acid. It is also found in aspartame and that isn't good during pregnancy (or ever!), maybe that is what they meant? It is necessary for you to ingest it (unless you have a disease where you can't have it, Phenylketonuria, PKU) since your body does not produce it itself. It is in animal sources and I'm not sure where else it is found but I imagine it is in other foods too. I guess if you look at the list of what people with PKU can't eat you could figure out what it is in.
I use Solgars whey to go vanilla and my midwife is fine with it. I use it in a shake every morning. It's the only thing to combat my morning sickness.

Originally Posted by shell024

also, do you like fish? and lentils & soybeans have the most protein of all beans.. i think.
I agree that fish is a great source of protein, but it is important to be aware of the amount of mercury that you can be exposed to while eating it. Watching fish intake is especially especially important for pregnant mothers and small children.

If you want an idea of how much mercury you are consuming when eating fish check out

Tuna, shark, swordfish and other "fatty" fish are especially contaminated. Late studies show even farm raised salmon levels of merc. can be higher than wild.

You are right though, lentils and soybeans are an excellent source of protein. Try some edamame, boiled soybeans sprinkled with a little sea salt
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