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So, dd2 has been so close to crawling forwards for the past few days. She finally did it
. Yesterday, both dd2 and ds2 were fussing so I picked up ds2 because he was a bit louder in his fussing
and started to nurse him. Dd2 took one look at what was happening, promptly went on all fours and crawled close enough to me so that I could pick her up while still nursing ds2. I prefer not to tandem if I don't have to but how could I say no to that effort. I could just see what she was thinking watching her brother nurse - "I'm gonna get me some of that too!"

Just a little lighthearted thread and me feeling the need to share. I think things are going to get a bit more exciting around here with a crawler on the loose.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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