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PSA-baby product recalls...I can't believe what I had!

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Just wanted to remind everyone to check or call the manufacturers 1-800 # for their baby items...even the new ones

I called Graco about the swing I have (from dd 4 yrs ago) and found out babies were slipping out of it and they are shipping out a replacement ASAP

I saw some newer travel system strollers and new pack and plays on the list of recalls too...

everyone be in your baby products

~just got off the phone w/ fisher price and found out my sparkling symphony baby mobile was reported to have been leaking battery fluid over some babies in their cribs!!! yikes, can you imagine??!! They are sending some repair battery case piece sealer thing

(x-posted in my july club)
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Thanks for taking the time to let us know sunfairy.
Excellent to check your items.
It's very important for those purchasing used items from swap meets, garage sales etc. to make sure they are shopping informed.
Newer car seats are only good for 7 years and for a number years have had 'expiry' dates marked into the plastic somewhere; also they are useless if ever been through an accident and there may not be any evidence of an accident on them.
Check seat belt harnesses of car seats, strollers, high chairs, swings for wear and make sure there is a crotch strap....then use the seat belts.
For all Canadian moms and moms elsewhere know that the government has passed a law and it is now illegal to sell a baby walker; retailers can be fined significant sums of money so I believe all have been removed from stores but used ones are still floating around.
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For car seat recalls check with the Automobile Association. BCAA has a very comprehensive listing but only covers car seats in Canada.
Thanks for posting! None of ours was on here, but you never know ~ esp. since it's been a while since we've used any of it.
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