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psychedelic head trip?

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I'm due on the 19th w/ my first. I really thought it was happening last night! (I know, I'm a newbie) It was certainly strange what happened though. I had a strong BH (have been having lOTS of them for weeks) followed by a sudden urge to have a BM. Followed w/ 2 more BM's, one of them runny (sorry to be so graphic). Anyway, the weird thing was, my HEAD started to feel crazy. I was so spacey, I could hardly form a coherent sentence, couldn't concentrate on a book at all...Honestly, it felt EXACTLY like I had ingested a certain form of fungus, if you know what I mean (which OF COURSE, I hadn't). I continued to feel totally tripped out and elated, with tons of energy for two hours! I even lost track of time, with 4 minutes seeming more like a half an hour. At the same time, the BH's seemed to be getting more intense. I thought "this has GOT to be it". After a few hours, I started to feel exhausted, though and lied down. The BH's stopped completely and I got a good nights sleep, woke up feeling normal. ARG! I guess I shouldn't expect to go early, since this is my first. But what the heck was up with that crazy head high????!! Last week, I was dialated 1 cm and my cervix was about 2 in thick. Can't wait for my app. tommorow morning to see what's going on now!
ps-I re-posted this here from the "who's still waiting" forum to see if I get any specific responses. I haven't heard of this spacey head thing before. I still feel like I'm going to have this baby very soon, though of course I could be (and probably am) wrong....
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Sounds pretty cool. Do you think it might have been a type of flashback? When I was a teenager the common wisdom was that stuff got stored in your fat cells and one day in the future you would burn that particular fat cell and experience it again. Of course, most common wisdom from when I was a teenager isn't worth much
But glad it was a good trip!
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I don't really think so. I haven't actually done TOO much of that stuff at all. I think it was my body and mind getting geared up for labor or something.... I'm going to the midwife now, can't wait to see what she says.
I actually experience that trippy feeling whenever I have any kind of physical stress... it's like a dissociation, for me, it keeps me from focusing to clearly on anything, so I spend less time/energy thinking about the pain that I'm in. It doesn't work for terribly long for me, though; if the pain goes on beyond a few hours my head will clear again.
I was kinda head trippy like that in early labor with my first. Didn't really feel like mushrooms, but I definitely had tons of poops and cramping like that too. I had an energy burst, worked on a sewing project, had the time distortion thing too. I had the strangest urge to stay in my bedroom, and I had to have the tv on, but the sound turned off. I was really calm and happy and excited. Now why can't that happen to me RIGHT NOW??? I want to have the baby soooo bad.
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