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Public Montessori Schools?

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My kids are currently attending a public Montessori school in the area, and I want to move them to another public Montessori for the fall of 2006, but I feel guilty!
I feel like a sell out for moving them to a school district with more money and more resources, but at the same time I want to do what is best for them and I think that this is the best thing for their education in the long run.
They attended a private Montessori for several years prior to this school and my daughter attended kindergarten there. They have only been in this school for one year, is it bad to move them around again?
I really love their teachers at their school now, but I think that the atmosphere is to overwhelming for my youngest..(he has always been a bit "high strung").

Should I feel guilty? Any advice?
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Hugs to you mama. You're going to feel guilty no matter which way you choose! I've been through this more than once with my oldest. But looking back I know I made the best choices for him, even when it was hard. Take heart and follow your gut. You'll make a good decision.

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Thank you! Unfortunately right now I cannot read my gut!!! I am trying to sort through all of the feelings and see what I really feel...still not working! So I am avoiding the decision for a bit!
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No way! You're accessing what every parent should have. Every parent should have the option of giving their child an alternative child development focused holistic education.

I did Montessori for all of my pre-high school education, including time in public Montessori schools in America, and I know that I was priveledged. I think all children should have been given this advantage. That's why I'm becoming a Montessori teacher.

The more parents that fight for their children to go to Montessori schools, the more Montessori schools prove superior to regular public schools, and the sooner we can get rid of the antiquated machinery that is the American public school (and the even more grim British state school) system.

Don't feel guilty. Feel empowered to become a Montessori activist and fight for every child to have the "help to life" that your children did.
The last poster couldnt be more right on the money! Fight for that education and you as a part of that public school make it a true montessori. Work hard at helping. I am a memeber of the PTO at our Montessori Charter school and the women running this school are FABULOUS and they truely love Montessori. Our Charter was born from the Private school we have here. Parents got together and worked 5 long years to get the charter in place. Both schools are in the same building. Our private school students progress into our charter and go all the way till the 6th year! I just recently got on the Board of Director at the private school and I can wait to start!! You are making the right choices, feel confident in that!
And the bottom line is--your kids come first for you. Do what is right for your family and not what you think the school wants you to do.
Good luck!
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