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Every time my daughter needs to use the restroom, she has no problem doing so. The issue is that it seems like public restrooms are not designed with small children in mind. Imagine if you were a little girl walking into a restroom and everything being oversized and way out of your grasp

my daughter is really small for her age. Literally everything is out of her reach , and to add insult to injury, most places don’t even have a stepstool available, so I guess kids just have to struggle

so there my kid is, unable to see what she’s doing above the counter, Fossetts are too far, paper towels and/or hairdryers along with soap dispensers are a good foot or two above her head. she’s going to have to grow quite a bit to be able to reach these items

The issue is Im new to all of this parenting stuff, I can’t find a comfortable way of holding her up to the sink to wash her hands. And I don’t want to put her up on the dirty counter.

so my question— How do you lift your kid up to the sink?
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