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Our school also sends home little notes and even though my child is well-behaved, I don't take get offended by them. I just read everything that comes home. Sadly, there are some parents who don't. When they send the lunch menu for the month it may have on it little tidbits about nutrition and things like that. I went on my dd's field trip and could not believe some of the lunches kids were brought. One kid had a can of MOUNTAIN DEW
, and this is Kindergarten. The kids were already hyped up over the trip can you imagine what he was going to be like after the trip

Even though my child goes to a public school, I have been very impressed with administration and their hands on approach. The principal doesn't just sit behind her desk and wait for the bad kids to come to her office. She actually goes around the school every day and just observes. One day I saw the vice principal sitting in the steps talking to a child who had misbehaved. They know that some of this kids don't have the best home life and they do whatever they can to let the kids know they can talk to them.

I also really believe it really has to start from home, especially with behaviour. I've seen kids that go to private school and I would not want my child around them. I've also seen kids that go to public school and they are just as sweet and bright.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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