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Puffin Pants

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I just got my first fluffy mail from Puffin Pants ( and I am so happy with the product and the service!

Amy is a real sweetheart. There was a problem with the fabric that I originally chose, so she went out, purchased new fabric and sent me TWO diapers for the inconvenience.

They're so cute and fit DD perfectly.

Has anyone else bought anything from her? So far, so good!

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I got a diaper from her and really love it. It is very absorbant and the flannel stayes soft. I love her fabrics too!

I also got wipes from her. I really like them. They are very well made and keep their shape. Many wipes start shrinking and rolling at the edges, but these don't at all.... they don't fall out of my dryer in a tube.

I was also happy with the customer service... Amy was very nice and responded well to emails.

Puffin Pants are cute, super-absorbant diapers at a great price! Ian's been using these diaper for about four months now and they've held up well with repeated use and washing.

Also, Amy is an absolute doll! She's helpful, personable, accommodating and just a super-groovy WAHM!
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I was searching for the most absorbent diaper for my extremely heavy wetting foster daughter, and Amy offered to send me a Puffin Pants fitted FOR FREE to try out! She even covered the shipping costs, and sent a fleece-topped soaker as well. VERY, VERY excellent, awesome, friendly customer service with this company. A+!
I got an Arctic Circle fitted with a pentafold birdseye lay-in soaker as a tester. It is one of my favorite diapers! I was very surprised at the absorbency of the birdseye soaker - I guess we're all so brainwashed into thinking that birdseye is at the bottom of the absorbency chart or something....
Anyway, the lay-in soaker is made of 2 layers of birdseye cotton, which is folded 5 times to make 10 layers. The folds are sewn right in, so you don't have to wrestle with exact folding. I normally fold lay-in soakers in half to keep all the absorbency to the front, but I decided to try laying this one out flat. It went as long as any of my heavy-duty absorbency diapers, while bing FAR trimmer.
The hook & loop closure is only on the wings, which can be kind of hard to get used to....but it clearly has plenty of advantages. Because there is no loop tape on the front of the diaper, you can fold down the rise to fit any size baby. I also have had a hard time with laundry tabs on many hook & loop diapers - some scratch, some are a pain to use, or don't work - but with this diaper, you just close the wings back up to wash. No laundry tabs are needed, and the baby doesn't feel the closure.

I've been very pleased with my Arctic Circle tester - it's a trim, absorbent diaper with an innovative design. I also use it, without the lay-in soaker, as a swim diaper because it fits so well.
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I love my Puffin Pants fitteds. We have two arctic circles and one puffin pocket. They are so absorbant and soft. One of our arctic circles is all velour. There is not a more scrumptious diaper on the planet!

Not only are the diapers just wonderful and superbly made, Amy is quick to reply to all emails and is so kind and helpful. Talk about customer service!

Four thumbs up. Two from my baby and two from me!
I have used a fitted Puffin Pants for several months now, and I love the absorbancy, and it really is one of the trimmest diapers I have.

Shipping was fast, workmomship excellent, and all around a great diaper!
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