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Puked yesterday-for the first time!

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Its official! I did it

a little interesting fact to know:

in my first pregnancy i puked once total
in my second-also once total
and both of those were exactly at 16 weeks.

so yesterday was bizzare-it was 11pm- we were all snuggled up in our freshly laundered bed, Sofie had fallen asleep and I am getting a foot massage from DB and all of sudden i go "I think Im gonna puke". Then I ran off to the bathroom and did just that.

I am 8 weeks though, not 16 so i guess things are happening faster this time around
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That's funny, why do you think that is? I threw up only once or twice with my first, and I think it happened because I ate too quickly. And it was later on too. I haven't thrown up yet with this one, which is nice since I hate it! But funny that you only seem to have one a pregnancy? And with girls too! Because I think this might be a girl, but they always say girls make you sick, and I'm not sick!
You just don't like waiting, do you?

I only puked about 5 times with Ben. Haven't yet so far this pg.
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I haven't puked.

I only puked once during each of my pregnancies. With Dd, I was 41+ weeks and attempting a castor oil cocktail to induce labor. Down and right back up again. And then with Ds I was somewhere in the 20-30 week range and my Dd got into my stepfather's omega fish oil capsules. Popped them and then while I was wiping her off she shoved her fingers up my nose. (That stuff STANKS!)

I'm keeping away from all forms of thick oil this pregnancy!
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I became nauseated this morning for the first time! Woo-hoo! I was so worried I wasn't going to get m/s because I've been feeling so good--and that worry leads to "Oh no, what if I miscarry?" They say the sicker you are, the better your chances of NOT miscarrying.
yea but it really isnt true...
Yeah its not true (being sick = healthier pregnancy). Some cultures don't experience morning sickness at all.
Really? Who? And How?

I ask because the MS has returned with a vengence after being totally gone for more than a week. :puke
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