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puking 2 year old, need advice

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I had a virus this weekend and the doc said over the phone that the norovirus was going around the area. So DS caught my stomach virus. He threw up 3 times Sunday night. Then yesterday he had two runny poo diapers. He didn't eat more than a few bites of a bagel all day yesterday and one pedialyte popsicle. This morning he woke up asking for milk and a waffle so I thought he was better and gave it to him. He guzzled a cup of milk and asked for more. He drank that one too and then 10 mins later threw up all milk. He kept asking for milk so I gave him a couple ozs in a cup each 20
mins. After three times (an hour) he threw that all up too. He
doesn't want gatoraid or water just milk. I remember my PED saying to
give him pedialyte in a dropper every few mins when he was sick last
year so I tried that and he did take 2 teaspoonsful of gatoraid.

Do any of you have any other tips or advice? I'm worried that he
hasn't eaten or had any fluids for so long. Should I be going to the
PED? I'd rather avoid the whole IV thing since it was so terrible last
year when we had to do it.

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When a child is sick the last thing you want to give is milk. No matter what he says.

I would give him warm water with a little honey and a pinch of sea salt. Let him sip every hour. Make it just sweet enough so he will take it but not so that he wants to drink it all.

He needs nothing to eat as long as he is vomiting. It will only come back up and it's not good for a child to keep vomiting.

Even if he doesn't eat for a day or two.

If he is hungry give him only dry toast.

It's only important that he takes a sip of the water every hour on the hour.

No Gatorade. That stuff is nasty. And it's basically sugar anyway.
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we're having luck with chicken broth and ginger ale, little sips and lots of reading books. also, having him nap sitting up seems to keep the most down. good luck.
I was just coming to post about nearly the same thing.

I am sick - throwing up some and can't get many calories down.
Now Em (2 yrs) is throwing up - all of the food is out it is mostly just water and breastmilk.

I have given her liquid red rasp extract to help with the nausiousness, but she has thrown it up once. She askes to nurse often. (nothing out of the ordinary there
) Should I try to curtail her intake of breastmilk? Will this just have to run it's course? This is the first time she has had a stomach bug her whole life! I don't know what to do!
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