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PUL wicking in car seat?

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I've had this problem a couple of times. Anytime my DD has PUL on and we go somewhere, it ends up leaking after the car seat ride. She can have the same diaper on at home for hours and not leak, 30 minutes in the car and it leaks. Is this just a PUL thing? If so, what do you use while out and about? I put a Prorap on her when I changed her and it didn't leak, then again its nylon. I did just purchase a wool cover, would that work better?

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What exactly are you using that is wicking? Brand? cover? AIO? If it has a cotton outer, it is probably compression.

Oh, and Proraps are PUL, both the wraps and the side snapping covers. The Prorap colors are vinyl with a nylon outer.
The Prorap I have is pink, didn't know there was a difference between the two. My Fuzzi Bunz are the ones that wick. She's got clothing on over them, most of her clothing is 100% cotton. Could it be the clothing that's causing it? I've ordered several AIOs that have a print over a hidden layer of PUL, should I expect similar problems with these?
Wow. I almost never have problems with FBs. Maybe it's stuffed too much. Do you tend to stuff more when you are going out?
No over-stuffing. I only put one MOE microterry in it, that's what we use around the house during the day. I double-stuff it for overnight and don't even get any leaks then.
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Maybe it's understuffed. I know when we use PUL pockets, if the stuffing isn't going all the way across the inside, from one leg to the other, if he's sitting and pees, it sometimes goes straight through the diaper and out the leg b/c there isn't anything there to absorb it.
Ohhh, I hadn't thought about understuffed. Maybe I'll use something besides FBs as my out-and-about diapers then hehe.
Does the rise fit good and snug? Maybe when you dd is sitting it gaps open.
Have you tried joey bunz? I'm in AZ and I use either plain color fb's or knickernappies when we're out stuffed with 2 jb's or a wonder-full or some other 2 hemp insert combo. DS leaks with microfiber every time. I change DS every 2 hours (maybe 3 depending on what we're doing). DS gets a slight heat rash so I tried a wool soaker a few times in the last 2 weeks and there was compression wicking so we're sticking with the pockets.
I'll have to check the rise on her when she wakes up from her nap. I'll put her in the car seat and check it out.

Susan - I haven't tried a JB, I'll probably order a couple and try it out. I like the FBs for out and about as they make for a quick change.

So the more I think about this, the more I think that yesterday's wicking was because of the poo. She went poo about 10 minutes before our destination. Instead of pulling over to change her I waited until we arrived. I'm sure that the poo interferes with the normal absorption of the diaper...wouldn't it?

Thanks everyone for helping me try to figure this out.
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Compression wicking was the first thing I thought of when I saw your post title. That happens to Ross too when he's been sitting in a car seat, shopping cart, etc...

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This just happened to Genevieve today! I had a fuzzibunz stuffed with two joey bunz. And, at the post office picked her up and she was wet! Had to come home and change her. I forget I like to put her in fitteds and bsww while we're out about the town.
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