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Pull Behind Bike Cart

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At what age is it suitable to put a child in one of those carts that you attach to the back of your bike? We live in a small town and I love to go for quick little bike rides and was wondering if Olivia would be big enough to use one. My friend has one that she uses and it works great, you just have to be careful of making tight turns. Olivia would be 8-9 months old when we would use it. So she would be sitting up but I am not sure how stable she would be. Would it work to strap her in a carseat and strap the car seat in? I really would love to take her for bike rides and really detest the little seats you attach behind you on your bike.
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I've seen people strap the infant car seat into the bike trailers. I am not sure how they do it though. Basically, the rule that we followed when our DC were younger was that we allowed them to ride in the trailer when they were old enough and strong enough to wear a helmet on their heads comfortably. I believe that most kids helmets say that they are not intended for children under the age of 1, but we didn't follow that. We followed our own childrens' abilities. You could always go to the bike shop where they sell them locally and talk to a sales person there and check out all of the features yourself.
I believe it is recommended that they be at least 1yr. before using the bike trailers because of head/neck strength, etc. We have one, and as far as I can tell there would be no way to put a carseat in one.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure they need to be at least 12 months old to safely ride in the bike trailers and have the helmets fit properly. If possible, it's worth splurging for the best model you can afford or try to find a used Burley. The less expensive ones don't have the same safety features. I know the Burley ones hold up really well and also have a great re-sale value.
we are going to look into getting one for this summer, I would insist my child wear a helmet in the trailer, and I can't imagine a small baby would be comfortable with a helmet on much younger than 10 months? not to mention they need to be able to keep themselves entertained for long enough, I mean ones younger than that might start crying often and pulling over to the side constantly would sort of defeat the purpose of the bike ride?
sorry starr, they're right, check out the toddler helmets, they would be too heavy for your dd. Even in a seat that attaches to the bike frame, your child would need better head control/strenght than a 8 or 9 month old would have. By the fall, you'll be able to do this safely. I have a seat on the front of my bike which I love, since you hate the rear-mounted ones you should check them out. I also have a trailer, but generally fill it with groceries, it is harder to pull babe in trailer, barely any difference when she's in her seat. I also love that she is right under my nose.
Hi!! My 11 month old loves her trailer!!! She rides in it almost everyday and sings for the first 1/2 of the ride before falling asleep. I second the previous poster who said get a high quality trailer. We have a Burley, and it's fantastic! Their customer service is awesome. My friends with cheaper trailers gave up on them after a month or so. Happy riding!
We started putting DD in our Burley trailer at 4 months. We just strapped the carseat in.

But, I'm sure others will tell you not to strap the carseat in, since I live in a place where people feel differently than Americans about kids and bikes.
I adore bikes, but I love my kids. It is not so much that putting a 4 month old in a trailer is inherently dangerous, as the fact that North American drivers are not aware of cyclists as fellow vehicles, using the same roads, following the same traffic laws. Some drivers are downright intolerant of cyclists. We have to be soo vigilant when cycling with kids. I have been backed into by a car once and doored once, thankfully both pre-kids although I am certainly hyper-careful when I cycle with them. By the way, I have a Wike trailer, made by a Canadian company, bright yellow and very visible. Holds one heck of alot of groceries or one to two kids.
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