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pull on diapers?

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Does anyone make these? I haven't the time to do a lot of searching, but I need something like this.
I have decided to choose my battles and forcing 25 month old dd to lie down while she gets her diaper changed, screams bloody murder and kicks and hits me is not something I care to do. We have carpet and so if dh is home I can't let her go without a diaper and winter is coming.
Right now I mainly use CPF and save the "easy" fitted diapers for dh when I am at work.

So a good solution would be pull on diapers... any suggestions?

She isn't quite yet ready for potty learning.. although she is starting to show a little awareness and we are going to buy her a potty chair next paycheck...

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some mamas have reported sucess with using motherease one size as pull ons, snapping shut and then pulling on kidlet.
I know Reu'sm makes a pull on fitted diaper. I forget who sells them, though.
DAPPI PULL ONS!!!! Many moms confuse these with the Dappi wraps (which are not good at all) but they are completely different.
Dappi makes AWESOME pants made of Nylon which is relatively breathable and NEVER EVER wick. They also have lycra on the legs and tummy, so they never leave red marks.
I love Dappi pull ons and that's the only thing I use on my baby. It works better at night than wool!!
They are also very cheap. They cost about 5 dollars for a package of 2. I bought mine at Granitesmith on ebay, but you can find them in Babies R Us or
Originally posted by LoriG
I know Reu'sm makes a pull on fitted diaper. I forget who sells them, though.
Cotton-kids sells these. Here's a link:


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Country Cuttins makes a pull up diaper (intended to be a training dipe, so it's not entirely absorbant). They're called Knit Knickers. Best part is, they're super cheap ~ like $6.50 or something! Anyway, we have like 6 pair and just love them.
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I've ordered (but not recieved) Happy Heiny Trainers, which you could use with your current CPF. I got mine at:

They are made just like a Happy Heiny, but look like a panty. In the "smaller" sizes (I think 20-30 lbs is a small) you can even get prints. Since they are a pocket diaper, you do have to use a different one each time.

Good luck,
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