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pulled groin

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I pulled my groin a while ago (maybe mid march) and I keep accidentally re-injuring it. Problem is, I am now really starting to show (due in Aug) and I'm worried that I won't heal and labor will be very difficult. (WOrrying is what I do when pregnant.) Anyway, to ease my mind, I'm looking for solutions and information. Has anyone else experienced this type of injury? Did it affect your labor? What did you do for the pain?

So far I'm just resting when I can and putting ice on it. I'm not sure what else to do.

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I haven't had that particular injury, but I do recommend going to a chiropractor. Whenever I have a painful injury like a pulled muscle, it heals much quicker if I get chiropractic care. They also can get you aligned, which will make the birth easier as well.

Good luck!
I've been seeing a chiropractor.
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