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Pulling hair out while nursing

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My ds is 19 months old and whenever he nurses he has gone from twiddling his hair to pulling out clumps. Has anyone else ever had this problem and what did you do?
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You've got to get a nursing necklace or something like that. My dd is 16 mo and had found my hair many months ago. I always have a nursing necklace on and she fiddles with that instead of pulling my hair strand by strand. It also helps to not react to the pulling.

If you react they will pull more.


Yeah i have noticed that the one time I did react (b/c it was *so* much hair he pulled out of his own) that he will always look to show me now when he's pulled it out even though I am consciously making a very concerted effort to not react and redirect his hand.

Does it hurt when they pull on it? Where did you get yours?
I'm almost certain I have a bald spot because of this very same problem. :LOL

I got a necklace, and things have improved tremendously.
My ds does this! It freaks me out. I noticed he does it more when he is really tired. I tried putting a burp cloth on his head for him to pull or putting my hanf there so he triddles my fingers. Sometimes I can redirect him to my shirt or something. He just loved hair. He pulls my hair, he pull tons of hair out of the cat (that cat has more patience...). It doesn't seem to bother him!?! He just goes to sleep while doing it. I would think it would really hurt. I think I am going to try a nursing necklace too, though I'm not that confident it will work. He seems to like rubbing/pulling at his own head.

Sorry I have no advice, just commiseration.
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My baby has pulled her own hair while nursing to sleep when overtired since she could reach her head. I just redirect as much as possible with her.
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