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Pulling off

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My 3 month old continually pulls off every 1 or 2 sucks. I had thought he was having a growth spurt, but its been happening for nearly a month now and its driving me mad! it ussually happens in the late afternoon/evening (but also happens at night/morning) Sometimes he gets upset that he cant stay latched on, sometimes hes so interested in whatevers behind me that he doesnt even notice. Hes a generally fussy eater and i believe my flow has just started to regulate after over-production issues... but is there anything i can do? Sometimes i just hold his head straight and that works, other times it infuriates him. if all else fails i get him half-asleep and then he'll nurse just fine. thanks in advance!
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Are you using a binkie? I just ask because it sounds similar to what I went thru with my baby and she was just wanting her pacifier. I sure do regret introducing it! Maybe a more isolated, quiet nursing place would help. I wonder if your baby is not receiving any milk. Sometimes my baby does that now when I am drained. She started eating solids WAAAY earlier than my first child because I wasn't keeping up my milk. I think dehydration has a big role to play in this for me. Be sure you're drinking enough, too! Are you eating anything that he might disagree with? (Maybe spicy, garlicky, foods, or something allergy-inducing.) Best of luck to you and your baby!
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He started out with a binkie, but almost completly refuses it now (except car rides) I was thinking maybe i ovecompensated and my supply was going down, but hes gaining and hes got enough diapers so i wasnt too concerned. I know right now my supply is very very low because im just getting over a virus that didnt allow me to keep anything down for nearly 3 days, and even now my consuption is only going back up very slowly.. but now hes sick and not wanting to eat so much, so we're kind of matched... could my supply not increase like it should and make him behave this way until it does?
I have two thoughts:
1) is he congested? If so, he may be pausing continuously because he's having a difficult time breathing through his nose while nursing.

2) If I remember correctly, this is the stage where baby starts becoming more alert and interested in his surroundings. You may need to start going to a quiet, boring environment. I found that nursing while leaning against a plain wall was good. If you can go into a dim, quiet room that would be good as well.
This is why I developed a real appreciation for "nursing rooms' in public.
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