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Pulsatilla for malposition?

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I have been having random contrax for days, but last night and today they have been pretty uncomfortable. Last night I could not lie down or sleep through them. Baby is consistently ROT or ROP. I bought some pulsatilla to take to see if that will help, but I'm not sure about dosage. This says it is 30X??? What does that mean???
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I'm no pro, but I would go with 2 pellets, 3 X a day. You can always muscle test or use a pendulum to double check.

Also, some good resources here on spinning babies...

Oh, and if you can I hear AMAZING things about getting two fun noodles (these things and get into a pool. Go belly down with one fun noodle under your arms and the other over your hips. You should comfortably float like that peacefully and uninterupted. A community pool or a hotel pool during off hours should suffice. If it's warm in your neck of the woods a pond or lake would work, too.

Best wishes and safe healthy happy pregnancy thoughts sent your way! Now, turn baby, turn!
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This is what I have in Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby's First Year, under breech baby:

Pulsatilla 30, one dose every two hours for up to siz doses (during the course of one day), has been highly effective at turning babies. Don't take it for more than a day.
My bottle of pulsatilla lists the adult dose at 30X as 4 tablets.

Will keep reading.
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Okay, to be even more confusing, the # of pellets you take doesn't really matter, take btw 3-5, every couple of hrs. 30x is good.

During those hrs, I would get yourself into a favorable position to get the baby to turn, probably hands and knees, but listen to your body. Get into said position as much as possible while you are taking the doses.

When my son was breech, I took pulsatilla and then would lay on the ironing board. I was only 34w, so I had time to do one dose every day until he finally flipped.

Stay away from mint (even in toothpaste), drinking or smelling it, caffeine (chocolate), and alcohol. These substances affect homeopathy making the remedies less potent.

Pulsatilla put my son's labor into high gear about 5 min after taking it
Put his head squarely on my cervix

Oh, and most important (and this may seem obvious), but don't take pulsatilla once baby is in a good position. If you keep taking it, you can move baby back to an unfavorable position.

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