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pump recommendations (Whittlestone?)

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I work out the house full-time and my breastpump just died.
I am going to rent one in the short-term, but I will probably have to buy another one for the longer term. DS is ten and a half months old and still drinks two bottles a day when he is away from me. I want to make sure he gets all he needs and we do plan to have another child.

Anyway ... does anyone have any pump recommendations? In particular has anyone tried the Whittlestone? I got my Ameda Purely Yours used from a mom who barely used it (I know, I know, that is supposed to be very bad), and it has been fine (well, as fine as pumping can be), but I thought, since a pump is such a big investment that I should consider trying another type.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences.

Debbie, lucky Mom to Emmett
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You probably need better then this one, but I bought mine in Target for $47 and it is fantastic! It's Evenflo for adapter, not a hand one (I hate those) and it works GREAT!!! For that price I could not be happier! I can pump 6oz in 20 minutes with it.
I started out with a borrowed Medela mini-electric and then bought a manual Avent Isis. I love my Avent pump! I got much more milk with it than with the electric. It's quiet, was inexpensive and I can take the ENTIRE thing apart and wash (and sterilize if I wanna) the whole shebang. I'll never go back to an electric one. This one is much easier on my nipples and I can control the pressure and speed myself. Fantastic!
Good luck in your search Mama.
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I second the Avent Isis!
I tried a few pumps and the Avent Isis was by far the best. Way more comfortable, faster than even the powerful electric rental, quiet, super easy to clean, and inexpensive. Milk just came gushing out! I was nervous about a manual pump, but seriously it was way better. Really. And its small.
Good luck!
Oh! I just wanted to add that the Avent pump fits on the Avent sippy cups!
Too cool! I could pump directly into ds's cups...he never did like the bottle
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I have to throw in another vote for the Isis. I had a Medela PIS with ds #1 and far prefer the Isis even to the PIS. I can throw it in my diaper bag and not worry about batteries or an outlet. It's fast and easy on sore nipples since you completely control the suction.

I only use mine to prevent engorgement and eventually to store a bit of breastmilk, so my needs for a pump are much different from yours. But even if I were to go back to work fulltime I would probably opt for the Isis.
This isis was cool, but it gave me hand cramps & made my arm sore- it always seemed to be too much work compared to the PIS. especially when I was tired and pumping.
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