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Pumping and School Question

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I am in nursing school and am waiting on a list to get back into clinicals. The problem is once you are offered a spot you have to take it if you have already been on a list as a result of taking time off of school. I had originally expected to get a spot in the fall if not next spring, but they have decided to open up a section over the summer. I would have lecture 2 days a week from 8-11a and then clinical 3 days a week from 7a-3:10pm. This would be for like 9 weeks. I have pumped before and I have even got a few bottles worth of milk already in the know...the emergency stash. My question though is that will I be able to maintain my bfing relationship with dd with being gone that much and pumping. I am prepared to get a note from my Dr if need be that I have to be given 2 opportunities to pump the those long days. I just don't want to dry up. I am crossing my fingers and hoping maybe I won't have to go back until fall. Also....dd cannot drink from a bottle..she acts like we are killing her. She gags and chokes...she is quite dramatic about do I teach her to eat out of the bottle???
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I work 8-9 hour days 3 days a week, so a little bit less that what you will be doing and when I went back to work with my first son, I was able to pump and keep up a great bfing relationship with him. I wore him in a sling when I was with him, fed on demand and co-slept as much as possible. He ate every 2 hours until he was 1, so it was not easy. It was difficult because at work I would pump exactly what he ate if I was lucky, so I was pumping all the time, and I didn't prepare very well, so I didn't have much of a stash. I would suggest getting a good pump and having some extra milk in the freezer. I had many people tell me that I should just introduce formula because my job was really busy and pumping was hard work for me. I didn't have to, but I was determined to not use formula.

I am going back to work again May 1 and have already built up extra supplies in the freezer, so I am hoping that this time it won't be as stressful. Good luck!
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