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Pumping for the older baby?

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My dd turned 1 last week. She has been refusing a bottle at daycare for about 2 mos now, but does drink some ebm in a sippy when I'm gone from her. When I'm home all day, she averages 6-8 nursings in 24 hours, I think (I seem to be pathologically unable to actually keep count all day, but usually she still sticks to every 2-3 hours all day, and nurses 1-3 times during the night.) I have 400 oz of milk in the freezer still. I'm trying to decide how much longer to pump in the day. I cut back to just once a day, and am pumping about 6-7 oz that 1 session. She drinks anywhere from 4-12 oz a day at daycare, so I'm very slowly using my freezer stash, but not in any big hurry. She doesn't drink any non-mama milk. I'm continuing to pump now to keep up supply more than to have milk to give her, as she just isn't terribly interested in milk in any other container. I'd love to give up pumping, as I'm always pressed for time. I'd also like to eat lunch with other people again, and not have to pump in my car on the 2 crazy days a week that I work in 2 offices. On the other hand, I want this baby to nurse longer than my other kids did, and I stopped pumping just before or at a year with them, and felt that the resulting drop in supply contributed to them slowly losing interest.
So, any opinions on how long to keep going with the pumping?
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I'm sort of in the same boat - dd will switch to a daycare not on site 2 days a wk (and come wiht me one) so I will have to start pumping.

I would think that if you don't pump during the day M-F then S-S you will have trouble nursing her during the day. You do have an amazing freezer stash, so you could always just use it up and then use soy or rice milk if you can't take the pumping anymore.

Julia just started liking a sippy and never took a bottle, so I feel so free! :LOL

Have you tried a Nuby sippy cup? sold at walmart, target, cvs. the baby bites the soft silicone spout to get liquid. Supposedly it is easier for a nursing baby to use it.
that's a tough one - could you maybe try to stop pumping just on the two days when you're in multiple offices? during that week, maybe eat oatmeal for breakfast and make sure you drink tons of water to try and keep your supply from dwindling. if everything seems OK when you nurse on the weekends, then you can try it for a second week. if after a few weeks your supply seems stable, you could try cutting out one other pumping session, and do that every couple of weeks until you're not pumping at all. all the while, keeping a close eye on your supply, drinking tons of water, eating oatmeal, maybe drinking some fenugreek tea, etc. and adding back a session if you need to.

it seems like if you just try to completely stop, your supply will plummet. but if you do it gradually, maybe your body can adjust more easily?

i'm not speaking from experience, so take this with a grain of salt... just an idea. do you have a LC you could talk to? they might have good ideas about how to keep your supply up if you stop pumping.
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I didn't notice a drop in supply after I quit pumping, but I was still nursing 4-5 times a night at that point. I would occasionally have a Saturday when it felt like DD would ask to nurse every 3 minutes, so maybe she was reacting to a supply dip. So, this may be something that varies with the personality of the child. My daughter will not be swayed from her nu-nu.

My main concern with stopping pumping was nutrition. You say she doesn't drink any non-mama milk. Is that because you haven't tried it or because she doesn't tolerate it?

As long as you're nursing 4-5 times a day, she'll get enough calcium and other goodies that you don't need to worry about supplementing with cow's/soy milk. I worked out the numbers once on calcium concentrations/bioavailability in cow's milk vs breastmilk and figured that a 1 year old needs something like 30-35 oz of breastmilk to fullfill all calcium needs.
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I haven't tried any non-mama milk. I know she gets plenty now because she nurses through the night and morning/evening and some days she'll drink as much as 12 oz of ebm, although 8 oz is more common. I'm really mostly worried about a supply dip more than anything. She drinks well from a sippy, or even a regular cup, or a straw, she's just not crazy about milk from a non-mama container!
Today she doesn't feel well (103.6 temp!) and she is currently lying in my arms nursing determinedly, so I think maybe I'll pump a while longer. I'd sure like to hang up the horns, but I want her to have her milk even more. At the rate of about 2 oz a day freezer stash use, I have enough milk for like 40 more work weeks! With previous children I've suffered from lack of freezer stash, so I guess I should just be happy!
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Hey, Jen! I've been wondering the same thing. Jack did much the same thing (though his daycare intake did pick up slightly about a week after we switched to the Nuby sippies (coincidence?)) so I had cut back to pumping once a day and thought I noticed a supply difference on the weekend. I've compromised by pumping twice a day for half the week and once a day for the other half. I was just joking with DH that I will be breaking new ground if I go back to clinical work next year still pumping, but I will probably only do it then if I am overnight for call.
I pumped overnight on call until my last 2 weaned, even though I had stopped pumping during a regular day. Fortunately, I don't do that type of call anymore! Although, I do have to hang out with laboring moms sometimes, and if I'm up at night for a delivery I pump a couple of times since she nurses at night still and I definitely feel fuller at night if I miss a session than during the day.
I gently weaned my oldest at 15 mos, because I thought that's what you were supposed to do. I intended to let all my future children self-wean, but Catherine weaned at 20 mos or so because I was pregnant with Justin. Then Justin woke up one day at 16 mos on a nursing strike, and was never really persuaded to nurse again. He nursed 3 more weeks if he was dead asleep, then started to wake up and scream and refuse even in his sleep. I was really heartbroken over this weaning, and still feel like maybe I let my supply drop since I was so tired of pumping and was an intern at the time.
I don't want little dd to wean before she's good and ready, so I guess it's worth it to pump to keep up milk for her.
I'm sure if you're pumping for a 2 year old as a PGY4 you'll create quite a stir. Actually, though, when I was pumping in med school I found the surgeons to be more supportive than any other speciality. The OB/gyns were absolutely awful and thought I was crazy to pump for a 5 month old, let alone a toddler!
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I'm actually donating some of my oldest milk to the woman who is s/p double mastectomy. The way Jack drinks at daycare now, we would probably end up with some getting tossed (since I only send frozen once or twice a week), so this way I do a good deed, reduce the stash down to 150 oz of fresher stuff, and justify the continued pumping.

I think everyone in my department will be so nervous about saying something inappropriate that they will totally avoid the subject! At the least, hopefully it will pave new ground. My friend who is returning next week weaned her currently 8 month old baby a month ago to avoid pumping in the hospital.
I can't entirely blame her, but it would have been awesome if she had tried.
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My dd is 17 months and I just stopped pumping this week. She stopped taking mm from any container a couple of weeks ago at day care. I kept sending to see if it was a phase. We also night weaned her about a month ago. so far my supply has not been affected. I work 3 days a week without pumping and nurse freely the other 4 during the day (usually 3-6 times)

Have had no supply issues yet.


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to hang up the horns
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