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Hi Ladies

How do I best deal with oversupply and pumping at work? Is it just a matter of pumping only a little to relieve the pressure in my breasts? Will this result in fore/hindmilk inbalance for my son (12 weeks) when he's fed stored breastmilk? Do I just pump what he eats while I'm gone (currently ~9oz)? I can pump about double what he drinks during the day....4-5 oz per breast in ~10 minutes. He was nursing okay when I'm home, although he pops on and off and sometimes arch his back with greater frequency since I've been back at work....only three weeks in total, and one week full time. I'm worried about creating a real oversupply problem.

Almost everything I've read speaks to maintaining supply or low supply with pumping at work...little with with oversupply.

Thanks much!
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