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pumping, plugged ducts and nipple pain

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OMG- I feel so bad because all I do is ask a million questions...

I've been pumping since Thursday afternoon and feedinf DS expressed BM (Doc told me to do this to releave nipple inflimation). I'm using a Medela Pum-In-Style and pumping about every 2hrs during the day and about every 3 1/2 at night.

At first I was getting about 6-8oz per session and by Saturday morning I was only getting about 2-3oz per session and DS was REALLY hungry and I was out of expressed BM. (Quick rant: MIL insisted on taking DH to buy formula to suppliment with, but luckly I called my doc and he said NO SUPPLIMENTING - just alternate putting him to the breast and feeding him BM in a bottle - I think I'll keep this doctor!)

I think not being able to pump enough is related to plugged ducts (but just in case it's not does anyone have ideas how I can get more?) I got a plugged duct - or at least a hard sore spot in my right breast (the side DS has never liked as well nor did he latch properly on until he was about a week old - he's 8wo now). That went away, but keeps coming back along with a white spot on the tip of my nipple that looks like the pics I've seen of milk blisters.

Over the weekend I have been feeling hard sore spots in both my breasts on and off the whole time and the white blister thing on my right side has looked bigger. I've noticed while pumping that BM barely drips out my right nipple but STREAMS from 4 or 5 holes out of my left side (this is the same side that my DS chokes on but also prefers). He takes my right nipple now but he pulls on it and twists he head around etc.

Could the cause of my soreness just be from him trying to get the milk out of my right breast? And, is less milk coming out because of a plugged duct?

Assuming they are plugged ducts (I'm pretty sure that's what I have been getting - and until this weekend only in my right breast, I think maybe it just never fully goes away); my mom said that sometimes certain foods can cause them? Does anyone know what foods? Or where I can find out? I've been searching for info on my usual sources of BFing info (kelly mom, ask dr sears, llli) but all I find is stuff about not nursing often enough and tight clothing...I know thats not it because I nurse VERY often still and am wearing the same maternity clothes I was wearing before I had him but I've lost over 50lbs - I think maybe my bras were small at first, but now they feel just right...

: I hope I haven't confused you-- I can never seem to get what I want to say out in few enough words!

TIA...someday when I have all this figured out I will be parked at MDC answering BFing questions
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Plugged ducts could be set off by trauma, or by ill-fitting bras. If you have lost 50 pounds, congratulations, but I'll bet your bras do not fit properly. I would go get refit by a very good fitter.

Plugged ducts can drop your supply where the plug is for a week or more, but just keep nursing and pumping, and the supply will come back.

I have been known to take a sterile hypodermic needle to my "milk blisters." It hurt surprisingly less than I thought it would, and it helped a lot. I'd ask my doctor for a few, using the smallest gauge possible.
I've noticed that how i sleep (on my back) can cause a plugged duct. And, for me, it is always on one side. i also get a "milk blister" but really it looks like a while dot UNDER the skin on the tip of my nipple. Always on my left nipple, and that part of my nipple gets sore. I too take a hypodermic needle to it when it gets bad. This doesn't give immediate release, and I never seem to get "strings" or such like the sights talk about. It seems to take a few days to disappear.

I noticed that if I use a wash cloth and rub the tips of my nipples roughly, it tends to remove any buildup and I get a quicker emptying AND the plugged duct resolves quicker/doesn't happen as much.

I think that it happens when i don't pump enough, when I sleep on my back, and when there is a lack of draining in my nipple from the spot where the white dot is.

doesn't seem to be food related for me.

Originally Posted by mtnhighmama View Post
II noticed that if I use a wash cloth and rub the tips of my nipples roughly, it tends to remove any buildup and I get a quicker emptying AND the plugged duct resolves quicker/doesn't happen as much.
I thought that was just me! I use my fingers and nails to dig milk bits out of my nipples in the hot shower. It does make a difference!
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I get those milk blisters and plugged nipple ducts too.. I massage my breasts for plugged ducts and use warm compresses alot and kind of roll my nipples around in my fingers to help "pop" those plugged nipple ducts.

The washcloth bit makes my nipples raw
hmm....didn't think of hte rolling the nipple thing, but I bet that would help.

I was worried the first few times that the washcloth would make my nipples raw too, but it didn't. And now i only do it every few days.

It helped to stop using the lansinoh too...that used to leave all kinds of gooey crud.
I havent used anything on my nipples in almost 2 years when I was using the lanisoh I was getting horribly cracked nipples.. Not sure if it was from that or something else but havent had that problem since not using it.

I think had some other ideas for this as well
Thanks for the responses.

Maybe the nipple rolling or needles will help...I've tried the warm washcloths but they hurt...

Where can one go to have nursing bras fitted? Do all bra stores sell them? I have just been wearing sleep bras...but maybe I need to try a "regular" one so it will be more catered to my size? (I have a hard time with the clips).
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