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I'm due 9/11, and will be in school fairly soon after the baby is born {4-6 weeks}. I've got a Purely Yours pump, and will be pumping while at school.

How often should I plan on needing to pump?

would every 4 hours work without hurting my supply? With my schedule, I can feed the baby at around 8 am before I leave, and I get back home around 5 pm, and will immediately feed the baby. I have a break from 12-1 that gives me time to pump, and I can make another break from 10-10:30 if need be {wouldn't be easy though}. I don't have time for any afternoon break from 1-5. This is every other day {Monday & Wednesday}, and on Tuesdays & Thursdays I only go from 1-5 {no breaks though}

Would pumping once from 8 am to 5 pm be too little?

Edited to add:

Also, how do I tell if the flanges on my pump are large enough? They are standard flanges, and I'm currently around a 40 DD with 7 weeks still to go.

I"m ordering new parts {baby shower gift}, so I'm curious as to how to tell if they are large enough.

Where is good to order parts from online?
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