"I'm bored," my daughter said.

I kind of hate it when she says that. But this time, I told her, "I hear that you're bored, and I'm okay with you being bored." We then went through a list of things she wanted to do that were impossible logistically-like drive to California, for instance. A few minutes later she and her brother began making paper one-dimensional puppets. I felt drowsy in the heat and took a rest on my bed. The next thing I knew, the kids were ready to perform their improv puppet show and I luckily had my camera on the bedside table. It's good to know that once admitted, boredom can be nudged aside by spontaneous and unfussy creativity. In case the song is vaguely familiar, it's based on Laurie Berkner's "Mr. Baseman in the Basement."

See the video here.

How they did it: took paper, cut them into people shapes, and then used yarn for hair and bottle caps for eyes (sometimes). They taped empty toilet paper rolls or rolled-up cylinders to the backs of the puppets at a 90-degree angle to give them a "handle."

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