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Yesterday my pup, mabel had her first all out romping playdate. It was so much fun for both of us! SHe has been out to my parents farm and introduced to their three dogs-but no romping. They are older-12,10 and 8. The younger two have also had some issues with agression towrds each other-not in a while though. ANyway, yesterday we went over to a friends home that has 2 well socialized eager to play dogs a 2yo and 4yo. It was great. I have issues that I am working on as far as fears about agression between dogs. The last time I had two dogs at once they really started getting into it with each other, puncture wounds and emergency trips to vets--no fun at all. We worked with a trainer in our home for about 4 or 5 weeks but I ended up moving out and leaving the older dog with my roomate that had lived with us for 3 years ( mainly b/c she was not that great around kids-kinda nervous- and I was 6 months pregnant). I really want Mabel to be able to romp with dogs and eventually have more than one in our home so this was a good day for both of us! Thanks for listening!
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