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Pura vida from Costa Rica!

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Hello, Mommies.

My name is Deneene and I live in Costa Rica with my lovely little family: husband, 4-year-old son, 2 dogs, 2 cats, pregnant goat, and the small little 9-week-old resident in my belly. We moved here from the San Francisco Bay Area a little over a year ago to find a bit more peace and quiet (with a toddler, you ask? ha ha!). It has been both pura vida, as they say, and dura vida as we adjust to life here outside our comfort zone and steadfast community of friends and family in California. We've met some great people here, but I simply don't have the tribe of women here that I did when I was pregnant with my first. So as we prepare to birth in Costa Rica and welcome a new baby to our home out here on the new frontier, I thought it would be a great supportive addition to join the Mothering online community. What a beautiful and eclectic group you are!

When I'm not mothering or partnering, I teach expository and creative writing online (tutoring homeschooled and gifted kids) and write about our crazy lives in Costa Rica on our blog (If you are easily offended, please be forewarned; I'm simply an honest gal. But feel free to check it out and learn what it's like for us here: )

I look forward to learning from and sharing with you all.

Cheers. Namaste. Blessings.
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Hi and Welcome!
I am new myself but just saw your post and had to say hi. I love CR- have been twice and am off to check out your blog to see all about your adventure. I am interested to find out how they handle births down there.

Take care and congrats on your pregnancy!
Cubana mami- Amy
Hi - Welcome to MOthering! You'll find lots of support and information here...

Congrats on your pregnancy - you should have a look at our due date boards. Costa Rica sounds lovely - I would love to visit one day...

Welcome again!
hi mamazota. i had to stop by and say Hola! my 10 month old son was born in Costa Rica last May. we spent 6 months in Costa Rica last year. we love the country and have been wintering there for the past 6 years. although, this year we couldn't go since we were there so long last year(partner has to work). we are building our dream home, and we plan on moving there with our two kids. i love, love, love the country!

i felt the same way you describe when we were there last year. i just didn't have my mommy friends to keep me company, and i couldn't even get online consistently because our house is in a very rural area with no telephone lines. our son was born in san jose and we stayed for 2 months when he was born, so that was the only time we had internet access, which was really nice.

we spend our winters on the pacific coast, montezuma. i'm off the check out your blog!

Hey, Indigenousmama!

Good to hear from another mama who knows CR and has birthed here. I'd love to hear your more about your birthstory and experience when you get the chance. . .Maybe it's on your blog? I love it -- I read a bit this morning (excellent poem -- I can relate to aspects of it) and look forward to reading more. . . We're birthing with the midwife Uva and will be staying in the SJ area as well for a month or so. We're going for a waterbirth, probably at Clinica Catolica since I had a pretty significantly retained placenta with my first birth. . . Tell me more about your dream home in Costa Rica. We've never visited Montezuma, but have friends there now and hear great things about it. The mountains of Arenal are muy tranquilo.

Thanks for the welcome!

Cheers, Mamzota
Thanks, all, for your wonderful welcome. Cubanamami, I will definitely write more about the birthing experience down here soon. I haven't included it on my blog yet because I'm waiting a few more weeks before I announce my pregnancy.

I will check out the due date boards and all else. I have a lot to learn about how best to use and navigate this site. Any suggestions...?

Hasta luego.
Welcome! We were in Costa Rica this past August, renting a beautiful house in Carrillo. We LOVED it! Such a beautiful place with warm, friendly people. I'm off to check out your blog.
Welcome to MDC!
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