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<p>Hi all</p>
<p>Here's a link to my chart</p>
<p><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>
<p>As you can see it seems like I have had a thermal shift.  Last week was a stressful week as a close family friend passed away, with the funeral on Friday.  So, I may not have been just as observant as normal but I only noticed a titchy tiny bit of EWCM, def none on saturday just watery.  OPK was negative on saturday, so I assumed I had missed the lh surge on the days previous that I didn't test as my temp had risen.  Randomly decided to check another on Sunday, 2 actually about 3 hours apart and both were very positive.  So I was a bit bemused as my temp had risen, wondered if maybe I was getting ill but I don't feel like I am.  As you can see from my chart it looks like I have had a thermal shift, Saturdays may be a bit dodgy as I didn't sleep well on friday night but rest should be ok.  Now today, I have much more abundant ewcm, cervix is HSO and I'm having some cramping (like o pains but also wondering if could be left over from some new ab exercises I was doing on Sunday!).  I 'feel' more like I'm ovulating today than I did on saturday, but my temps seem to be telling a different story.  Anyone any wisdom or thoughts to share?  (DH is away with work a lot this month, so not expecting too much from this cycle, but this is driving me nuts all the same!)<br>
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