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Welcome queer, pregnant and parenting folks!

This is the summer and early autumn thread for the months of July, August, and September.

If you want to be added, just post in bold with your due date. Also, if you have recently had your babe(s), please chime in with the name and birth date in bold. If your information is not correct or has changed, please also post in bold so that I can get it corrected!!

Pregnant - due dates:

October 2012

MidwifeStephPDX, EDD late October

November 2012

MujerMamaMismo, EDD 11/11/12

December 2012

junebug1, EDD 12/1/12

kateadelle EDD 12/17/12

nosrêves, EDD 12/19/12

mtnlisa, EDD 12/31/12

February 2013


March 2012

withlittlelungs 3/15/13

April 2012

Cananny, EDD 4/8/13 (triplets!)


May 2012

KnittingTigers 5/4/12 (twins!)

wishin'&hopin' 5/15/12

lisedea, EDD 5/17/12 (triplets!)


Planet, Wylie Blue, born 9/9/2012

DesertSunsets, Everleigh Jane, born 9/1/2012

dandylez, Adair Seamus, born 6/28/2012

KSDoulaMama, surro-babe, born 6/27/2012

SwtRainbowBrite, Riley Sophia, born 6/25/2012

PleasantlyFurious, Zoe Aurora, born 6/22/2012

SmilingSara & Seraf, Soren Dare, born 5/2/2012

PrettyIsa, Edith Josephine, born 4/18/2012

Ad Astra, boy/girl twins, born 4/11/2012

Onemommyonemama, Sage S., born 3/21/2012

Qmama42, baby girl, born 1/18/2012

Indigo and DP, baby girl A, born 1/8/2012
CrystalPerez, Cohen Anthony Perez born 12/12/11

glassesgirlnj, Annamaria Sigyn Estelle, born 11/28/11
Mami2mami, Layla Janae born 11/22/11
DAWNMP1, Raya Sylvan, born 11/10/11
2ezforyou, Jagger Stone, born 11/2/11
Seraf and SmilingSara: Shay Brock, born 11/1/11
Escher: Son, born 10/24/11
Julietea8: Rowan Kathryn, born 10/16/11
Starling&Diesel: Hawksley Solace, born 10/2/11
AmyPDX: Alexander Cole, born 8/7/11
AmandaHope: Lilah Nyx, born 7/24/11
Pigirl: Son, born 7/22/11
Mizyellow: Harrison, born 7/20/11
Painefaria: Keegan, born 5/23/11
Cejae: Emmerson and Parker, born 5/22/11
Imogenlily: Soloman Dov, born 5/3/11
2HappyMamas: Baby, born 4/16/11
Bttrflygypsy: Elliot Graham, born 4/15/11
LibraryLady: Alice Meredith, born 4/8/11
Wehrli & jenmostoften: Silas Scott, born 4/4/11
Gumshoegirl007: Addison Alexis Réal, born 3/24/11
Beastie: Esther, born 3/13/11
Burg: Reed Kylie, born 2/05/11
Korey: Baby girl T, born 1/30/11
Coco99: Chloe and Charlie, born 1/30/11
Abeecharmer: Twin girls, born 1/10/11
Mtnlisa: Josie Anne, born 12/18/10
Kimlyn32: Kacey Elaine, born 12/13/10
Erthe_mama & fsonj: Vida, born 11/23/10
Monarchgrrl: Sophia Elizabeth, born 11/2/10
Quasar & Smartycat: Charles Jeffery, born 10/29/10
Mistral: Olivia Grace, born 10/18/10
Lyndzies: Cadence James, born 10/15/10
FTMPapa: Elise Ember Soliel, born 10/3/10
Megan_sacha: Zivia Littlewood, born 8/23/10
Mpkgoddess: Catherine Margaret (Cate), born 8/18/10
Osker & H: daughter, born 8/11/10
Jjnoho: Sam, born 7/8/10
Megincl & Ktcl: Wylie Grace, born 7/4/10
Ksdoulamama: Grace Elizabeth, born 5/17/10
Pleasantlyfurious: Leo Sebastian, born 5/16/10
Kelly: Asa Brent, born 4/29/10
Wishin'&hopin': Henry, born 4/10
Indigoscot: son, born 1/24/10
Kjm: Kale, born 1/12/10
Carmen358: Skylar, born 12/30/09
Kelmendi: Simon, born 12/23/09
Babyfatty: Henry Earl, born 12/9/09
Beth: Hazel, born 11/19/09
Scalpel: Nathan Fisher & Maxwell Edward, born 11/3/09
Denny_Zoo29: Dekaylee May Katherine Bond, born 10/29/09.
Jodybird511: Asher, born 10/9/09
Wazzmum: Tate, born 9/15/09
Raene & River: Cedar, born 8/30/09
DM630: Amelia, born 8/14/09
Ninefirefly: daughter, born 7/31/09
Serenekitten: Asher, born 7/21/09
QTRANDI: Rudy, born 7/7/09
JennM1021: Alexander, born 6/29/09
Lexbeach & Lena: Leo, born 6/26/09
Heart-N-Bones: Ella Grace, born 4/22/09
Quasar & Smartycat: Raymond Joseph, born 4/5/09
Pranava: Zion, born 3/24/09
Giggleblue: "A", born 3/16/09
Pigirl: Baby, born 1/30/09
Starling and Diesel: Esme, born 1/30/09
2happymamas: Colette (Coco), born 1/5/09
Simcon: G, born 12/28/08
MujerMamaMismo: Sebastian Felix, born 12/21/08
Tigermiep & M: Anders Xavier, born 12/11/08
JenInMpls & Jo: E.W., born 10/24/08
Becca: Phoebe Joy, born 10/9/08
Scalpel & Darcie: Alexis Jean, born 8/29/08
Venustx: Levi, Sage, and Jillian, born 8/12/08
AngelaM: Ocean Rae, born 8/10/08
Mamimapster: Jocheved (Julia) Hadassah Bat Sara V' Miriam, born 7/15/08
Kk_davey: Grier, born 7/7/08
MollyKenzie: Lucy & Edie, born 6/18/08
Rightkindofme: Shanna Francesca, born 5/24/08
TheGirls: Alexandra Kathryn Stay, born on 5/12/08
Thismama: Zelda, born 5/6/08
Mamastotwo: son & daughter, born 5/2/08
Msjodi: Delaney Cait, born 5/1/08
Jentina & Sarah: Ellis Thomas, born 2/20/08
NZmumof2 & Leah: Florence, born 1/23/08

Recovering from Losses, to Rejoin Us Soon





[NOTE: Any EDDs over a month old without a birth announcement will be deleted.]

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wow, a gal goes away for a few days and comes back to a veritable QP&P baby boom....

Rainbowgal -- blessings and congratulations to you and your DP. Riley is gorgeous! DP and i were both awwwing over my phone when we saw the pictures you put up. i know it's been a long road for you, but look what a beautiful place you've reached. i can't wait to hear more about the little girl and see more photos. lots of love to all three of you!

ksdoula -- congratulations on bringing your surro-babe safely into the world! i'm still blown away by your generosity. i can't wait to read the birth story on your blog to get the details!

dandy -- i wanted to write as soon as i saw your post, but i couldn't get it to work from my phone. first, Welcome to the world, little Adair Séamus! hang in there little guy and grow big and strong so your mamas can take you home. i'm sure you are going through a lot emotionally right now, but please know that you and your DP and little boy are in our thoughts right now. it sounds like Pickle is quite the little fighter already. DP and i are both sending you hugs and warm thoughts and a ton of positive vibes.

afm....we just got back to paris, and i'm sure i have more to say/updates to give, but right now there's a very important football (soccer) match about to begin. tbc....

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Nosreves--Thanks for the shiny new thread! I hope you are doing well with your growing legume!

Dandy--Congratulations to you and your DP. I'm sorry that Pickle came earlier than expected, but I am glad that here is here safely. That's great that you could have a natural delivery too. I send my very best to you with the time you'll be spending in the NICU over the next few months. I know how stressful it can be, but I also know that NICU staff are amazing and Pickle will be really well cared for. It was a tremendous shock for us with the early arrival of our DD#2. We were in a daze for weeks afterwards wondering what had happened. I hope you and DP are taking care of yourselves and I wish you and Pickle lots of strength and healing!

Brite--Wow! What a gorgeous family! Welcome to the world, Baby Riley! I am truly thrilled for you and DP. Yours was one of the first names I started following on QC and it is wonderful to see your feet firmly planted on QPP now. You did so well in the face of all of the challenges you had during pregnancy, so I am happy that things worked out so well for you in the end. I also found that my 2nd c-section was much easier than the first. I wonder if it's because my body knew what was happening this time around. Anyway, congrats to you all!

KS--Great job and congrats to you and baby's parents! What an amazing gift you have given to this family. I love the picture of you two, by the way! Please let us know how you're doing and I'm eager to hear more about the experience you had surrounding the birth, if you''re okay talking about it.

Rose--TTC 2.0! So excited for you and DP!

Crystal--I sincerely hope you are doing okay. As long as you're both living still living together, it may be incredibly difficult to get the clarity that you need. I am glad that you are seeking help though. We are all here to support you in whatever ways you need. I am sorry that you have been isolated from your friends and family. That made me very sad to read. Hugs to you and Cohen, Mama.

Desert--30 weeks?!?!?! Why is it that everyone else's pregnancy flies by so much faster than my own did? DP looks great!

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Thanks nosreves for being our illustrious threadkeeper during the month our daughter will arrive (whenever that is...)! I can't believe she's already going to be here so soon.

We've been doing some major work in the nursery today putting up giant tree vinyl decals and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! Hopefully we'll have the nursery better put-together soon and I can post pictures. In other news, we bought a breast pump today, it's nice to have that off our list of things to research and do.

Crystal - hang in there, lady. You are strong for Cohen and for yourself. I agree with everyone, I'm sure at least some of your friends will be glad to hear from you.

Qmama, good to see you here! Hoping your family is doing great.

Sorry for the fly-by posting, gotta run and finish the vinyl in the nursery before bed!

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brite - what a beautiful little one! Congrats to you and DP!!!

dandy - Welcome Adair! We will be watching you grow - keep strong little pickle! I read on FB you are at Mac - will ask my sister in law to pay special attention to Adair. Please please please let us know if DP and I can be helpful in anyway. We QPP gotta look out for one another and I'm close by :) DO you have a place to stay in Hamilton? Is anyone feeding you and DP?

ksdoula - congratulations!!!! I hope birth was smooth and healing is going wonderfully!!!

crystal - UGg. Hugs to you - this is alot to face with a wee one to care for. Thinking of you and Cohen and for peace and rich community surrounding you and supporting you.

nos - looking forward to your update! :)

desert - can't wait to see pics of the nursery!

Hi everyone :)

afm things are still well over here. Sage is 3 months, and starting to get distracted from feeding during the day. I gotta hunkerdown and pay more attention so she is eating well in the day, nights are getting rougher (they were awesome until now). beyond that she is rolling, grasping toys, and seems to be teething. She is 15 pounds or so now. I miss my little newborn, but am loving getting to know her and she emerges with new ways of expressing herself. She is very verbal, pretty happy and peaceful.

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hi everyone, we're heading to the hospital in a few minutes. I just wanted to send a quick update. Adair is doing really well. He's breathing on his own, and is taking my milk (1ml every 4 hours through a feeding tube). And he's been stable. We know he has an infection from my placenta, and it's being treated, but they will be doing a lumbar puncture to check to make sure it's not in his spinal fluid. But we've changed his diaper twice now, and held his wee little hand. We hope to be able to hold him briefly in the next week.

I haven't had a chance to reply to the personal messages and the lovely posts on here, but please know that they're so appreciated. We have tons of support from family and friends, so we're in good hands. OMOM -- thank you! We are at Hamilton, and they've been amazing. We'll be staying at Ronald McDonald house for the next 6-8 weeks, and we have some relatives around who have offered a place to stay if we need it, as well as hot meals and time away from the hospital.

I will try to get back to give more updates, but thank you, thank you, thank you for all the love. It means so much to have you all here.

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Nos- would you mind removing my surrobabe's name from the post at the top? I do not have permission from her parents to post her name publicly. Thank you!

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Here's a pic of him from this morning. He's doing well. They did the spinal tap last night, and they believe he is meningitic although he's not acting at all like he is. He's been on the antibiotics for a spinal infection since Friday, so hopefully this means it's working. Otherwise he's stable, and they're increasing feeding frequency starting tonight. He's a strong little fighter, and we're so proud of him!!

Please keep sending good energy and love our way. I hope all is well with everyone else. Much love.


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Since I'm a NICU RN and truly know what you guys are up against, I did a little happy dance at that picture!!! CPAP is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! YAY GO ADAIR!!!! And if he was sick, he wouldn't be on CPAP, since he would be spending all his energy just struggling to get through the infection! Dandy, he's absolutely GORGEOUS!! I hope you keep posting pictures!

BTW Adair shares my birthday, it's a GREAT birthday to have. We Cancerians are quite snuggly, emotional and loyal to a fault. :D

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Dandy - He is gorgeous! What a little cutie! And a fighter!!! Donald and I are sending love and strength to all three of you. I'm so glad he is in good hands and is doing well. I'm so proud of him! And I'm relieved to hear that you guys are in good hands and are being fed and taken care of. Many hugs to you!

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Dandy--he's so little and perfect and sweet! I'm sending all my best thoughts north to you all!

Qmama--I've been noticing that, too. It seems like it took FOREVER to get through pregnancy, but everyone else seems to be just zipping along!

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I think I'm the only one early on in pregnancy on this thread aren't I? The big 5 weeks today...or 1/8 of the way there. I'm having annoying, what I'm assuming is, corpus luteum cyst pain. Ouch. Movement, rolling in bed, stretching. It started about 2 days ago and hasn't eased up at all. I hope it does soon - it's painful. I have yet to call my RE back - they called after my first blood test. I will tomorrow though and get a 7 week u/s set up - I believe that's their standard time for it. Very nervous still but my symptoms (sore breasts, bloating) have returned. Not much nausea so far - it would be nice to dodge that this time around....but who am I kidding, I love the comfort of feeling sea sick 24 hours a day!

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dandy -- what a sweet little thing he is. thank you for taking the time to share updates and the photo of your beautiful boy with us. i'm so happy to hear that you've got a support system there. still sending tons of love and positive vibes to you and your little fighter.

ksdoula -- i finally got to read your blog last night, and i ended up reading it from beginning to end. what an incredible journey. the surro-babe has the sweetest, juiciest cheeks ever, and you manage to look radiant both pre and postpartum. how are you doing these days?

qmama -- merci for asking about the little "legume". i think she's doing well, but i'm hoping i'll start feeling movement soon so that i'll feel less anxious. how are you and your early 2012 babe doing?

desert -- i saw some of the nursery pics on more!!! you know how you inspire me (and i could seriously use some inspiration right about now.)

om² -- it sounds like S.'s name suits her to a T! (especially in the French meaning of the word). i have love love loved all the pictures of your two girls, btw. how lucky they are to have each other. you know, a few months ago i was re-reading last year's QC, and in it you mentioned that something like three of your friends had dreamt you had another baby girl (and, apparently, none of them knew you were ttc).... strange to see how that came true, isn't it? and i still remember your story about your older daughter being in the car with her grandmother while you had your magic insemination. time just flies...... :)

crystal -- i've been reading about all the hard times you've had with your DP and with your mother's illness, and i just want you to know that you've been in my thoughts. i agree with what a lot of other have said. i don't think your DP is necessarily a bad person, but she sounds awfully immature, and what you need is a true partner....not someone who is jealous of a little baby or who keeps you from spending time with your mother and your friends. it sounds like you are doing everything you can to take care of little C. and to be there for your mother. maybe some physical distance from your DP will give you the perspective you need to get to a better place mentally and emotionally. *huge hugs*

afm.... so, i basically ate my way through Bretagne/Brittany. savory buckwheat crepes filled with eggs and cheese and tomatoes or with potatoes, white-wine sautéed onions, mushrooms, more cheese and creme fraiche. sweet crepes plain or filled with dark chocolate and bananas and topped with locally made crumble ice cream. and fish and chips...and and and.... i suppose it's no wonder that i am no longer fitting into any of my pants. i actually had a breakdown when DP took me clothes shopping while we were on our trip. the maternity pants all were "slim fit", which meant i could maybe fit one thigh into both legs combined. i started crying after about the fifth pair, and DP kept saying, "ssssh, nooo, you can't cry in the dressing room of the discount store!"

i seriously hope that some enterprising soul decides to come out with some **** maternity wear in the near future. until then, it's thai fisherman pants, overalls and everything else size G (for gargantuan) for this gal.

i have my next u/s on friday, and i'm hoping that (in addition to seeing a healthy, active little sprout) we'll find out the sex of the baby. i'm at the in between place where i feel like i've been knocked up forever, yet it's still hard to believe i'm pregnant. DP keeps reminding me that my belly and boobs are growing and pointing out all the nice little symptoms like constipation, gum troubles, stuffy nose, etc., but i think i'll be much more reassured when i start to feel the little viking moving around in there. also, i'm sure part of it is the hormones, but i've been feeling a bit down lately about not having any of my family or friends around for when the baby comes. i know i won't be having a shower (it's not part of the culture), and i'm only sad about it because i know my friends would have made it a very fun, very non-traditional party to welcome the LO. but when i think about being in the hospital with only DP's parents and friends as visitors and then coming home and being all alone after DP goes back to work, i feel really sad.... yeah, i know, pity party time.

oh, and i think i mentioned it before, but DP has joined this French forum that's similar to QC and QP&P. besides the general anti-AP sentiment, a lot of the women are incredibly rude/bitchy and downright ignorant. one woman who is TTC asked if people thought an insemination less than 12 hours after a trigger shot was too early, and DP responded that she thought it was way too early and said why. given the poo storm of comments that followed (mostly from moderators) you would have thought she'd told the woman to mainline heroin. a lot of it was "the doctors always know what's best, and we shouldn't question their protocols," and she even got warned about giving medical advice. and when she mentioned that i planned to go to a la leche league meeting, one woman frantically pm'd her to warn her that they are a militant group which we should avoid at all costs. you cannot imagine how grateful i feel for this place and all of you incredible gals after hearing about all of her horrible encounters there. you all rock....seriously.

enough's bedtime in froglandia.

gros bisous à toutes!

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Nos, I'm pretty sure that some of my pro-breastfeeding co-workers are far more militant than any LLL group could EVER be... "YOU WANT THAT BABY ON THERE? WELL DO YOU?? HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT??". Sometimes I just die laughing, especially when the mom is starting to giggle and hold it in.

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dandy - what a gorgeous little one! and great work on the pumping. pumping for a babe in the NICU can be exhausting...good work mama!

carmen - i think we were on the last pregnant thread together!

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We have been without power since Friday, I'm just checking in with some love for all the new life and those with challenges.







Hi to everyone else.
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