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Question about AF (TMI of course)

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So I have been using the Diva Cup for a couple of months now. I'm concerned about the amount I bleeding I have. I have had really heavy periods since I think the third one after they returned (10 months just after ds turned 1 was when they got heavy) Now that I can measure and keep track of how much blood is exiting my body, I'm growing more and more concerned.

Last night I actually had the Diva overflow, soak through a thick overnight Mama pad through the "waterproof" backing through undies and sweatpants through the flannel sheets and dampen the matress pad...that's a lot of blood! Probably a good 5-6ounces anyway and then today the cup filled up completly 2x's

I generally average about 8oz over about 28hrs with large clots and quite a bit of cramping (something I have never experienced before) and then my bleeding gets lighter and then it's just watery brownish old blood discharge for 5-7days after the majority of the deep red bleeding stops.

Okay now that I have spilled it about what my AF looks like acts like etc.

Do I need to go to the Dr.? If I go ask him about it what is he likely to do/say?
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This is exactly the reason I'm not using a cup. I just don't wanna know how much because it already seems like a huge amount. When I mentioned it to my doc, he just said that not everyone has a similar flow and it can change after birthing. He said not to be concerned unless I began feeling faint.

Sorry it's not much advice--just wanted to let you know you're not alone.
I moderate the MoonKeeperDivas yahoogroup and we have women who bleed as little as ONE OUNCE their whole periods
to women who fill the cup hourly on the first day or so (so obviously several ounces the first day alone)

Now- you are still regulating after lactation amenorrhea so you need to give yourself a bit of time to regulate IMO unless you really feel the need to see a doc. Have you had any issues with anemia? Maybe try some Floradix to see if that helps.

Michelle- happy Mooncup user (well, I am when not pg or breastfeeding with no AF)
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For the first days I average about 1/2 ounce an hour, I think the fastest I filled the cup was 40 minutes. The Diva Cup has definitely helped me quantify just how heavy my heavy periods are. I've been to several doctors. None had anything to say except that I could go on the pill - which I declined for many reasons.

So it wouldn't hurt to ask a doc, but it is likely they will just say that everyone is different.

That said, the Diva Cup is still the best method for actually containing my periods that I have found. I have much fewer leaks with the Diva cup, but I do have to change much more frequently than women with more typical flows.
With tampons or instead cups and some very heavy cloth pads I generally had to get up at least twice a night for the first 3 days of my period. Last month I had to empty the cup twice the first night (but it was a saturday so I slept like 11 hours) and none the subsequent nights.
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