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Question about AIOs and Aplix

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When you make AIOs do you sew the loop of Aplix at the very end or at the beginning? In other words - do you sew it into ONLY the outer layer or at the end and through ALL the layers including the soaker?

I have made few fitted diapers and it was quite hard to sew through all the layers. Also I am guess it increases the drying time of the diaper.

What is your preference?
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I sew it through all the layers... I have only put aplix on vb aios and the soaker pad is supposed to fall below where the loop aplix is sewn on, so really I'm only sewing through two body layers and the pul. Once I made the mistake of making the soaker pad too long and tried to sew the aplix on it and it threw my machine all out of whack!! I had to take it in just to get the tension fixed!
Usually through all the layers but most of the diapers I've sewn have the soaker pad below the front aplix or they've been side aplix closing so the loop is on the wings and it doesn't matter.

I'm always worried that if I sew it on before I put the layers together that I won't get the positioning right.
Most of the diapers I make are fitteds, not AIOs, but I would think the thickness would be pretty similar to PUL AIOs... I sew the aplix on last, and generally I'm lazy about where the soaker ends up, so I sew through the soaker quite often. I've got a cheap machine and haven't ever had any problems with it...

I tend to only use 2 layers BKT as the soaker though (w/2 flannel body layers, and a woven print outer), because I hate long drying times... So I would also think this all depends on what you construct the diaper out of...
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