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I didn't use dom and wish I would have. I tried to induce using nothing but pumping/nursing. LIke T.Elena, I had a child with major feeding problems (probable undiagnosed reflux, "fussy" at breast behavior (and I mean extreme--back arching, unlatching constantly, etc.), and extreme sensitivity to any distraction. Bf'ing would have given me a run for my money even under "normal" circumstances but with producing virtually no milk and using a supplementer things were pretty bleak. I think the risks of dom would have been worth it in our case.

I tried fenugreek later on (we worked through bf'ing for five months) but found that I am one of the few people who experience the side effect of lowered blood sugar--my vision got increasingly worse every day.

I was told by LLL and other adoptive nursing people that milk is not the object of the experience--it's the nursing relationship. I agree on one level, however I think in our situation more milk would have made things easier for ds, and would have allowed us to continue.
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