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I didn't use dom. mainly because I'm just not comfortable with drugs in general. But I used fenugreek and if I did it regularly (which I didn't always) and drank tons of water (again forgot to quite a bit) I got a fair amount of bmilk. I've never been able to express any, but could tell by dd's diapers... That all said, now at age 3, she still loves to nurse - we still use the lact-aid, because she likes to get more milk than I produce - though if I ask her when she's nursing w/out the lact-aid if she's getting any milk, she tells me yes, and I do still feel some tingling (let-down)...I haven't used fennugreek in close to 2 years, so I guess somethings still going on!

Good luck with your bfeeding - it can be a challenge, but it's worth it!

A quick afterthought - if while you're supplementing with the Lact-Aid and waiting for more bmilk to come in, try and use organic formula - it's got better supplements in it than regular formula - and you don't have all the hormone/pesticide contaminants to worry about! Both Natures One and Horizon make organic formula.
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