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question about cloth wipes on the go

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ok, i used cloth dipes with my first and sometimes used cloth wipes at home, but never got the hang of traveling with them. i really want to use cloth wipes all the time with the new baby and was wondering if any of you could give me tips about keeping some wipe solution in the diaper bag. i read the diapering posts all the time, but this is my first time posting. any help would be appreciated.
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I use a small squirt bottle filled with plain water and keep the dry wipes separate.
I have a wipe warmer I keep wipes for the day in- on the way out teh door I throw a couple in the diaper bag. When I come home if they are still clean I put them back in the warmer.
I have always used a spray bottle of wipe solution at the changing table and in the diaper bag, but recently I realized that even when I am careful, some of the spray hits the carpet and is causing it to get REALLY dirty right in front of the table where we stand (I think the oils in it are trapping dirt in the carpet from our feet, even though we don't wear shoes in the house?) so now I am using an old disposable wipes container filled with folded up cloth wipes pre-wetted with wipe solution and just carrying a few of those in a small wetbag in my diaper bag for when we are out.

I just put some wet cloth wipes in a small plastic container (think gladware, rubbermaid, tupperware, etc.). Any unused wet wipes just get used when we get home.
I have heard of people dealing with them in a couple of different ways. Some people will prewet the wipes and stick them in a ziplock baggy or small wet bag of some sort while others keep them dry and bring a separate bottle of solution. I have always just wet my wipes down with water so I bring them dry and wet them down as I need them. I usually have an emergency bottle of water in my diaper bag but I rarely use it. I just wet it down in the bathroom or at a water fountain (which makes Rhys say "cold momma" LOL but he doesn't seem to object.

thanks a lot mamas!!!
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I wet my wipes at the sink in the bathroom when i change i take dry wipes with me...
Before I head out I just wet a handful of wipes w/ plain water and put them in a zippered wet bag. I also have wipe solution (baby soap, apricot oil, distilled water) in a Pampered Chef foaming soap dispenser--just too afraid a squirt bottle would leak.
I wet my wipes with water, throw them in a ziplock bag, and go. If I have any left when I get home, they go back in the wipe warmer. I only use plain water in the warmer as well.
At home I keep my wipes in a tupperware container full of my homemade wipe solution. When I go out, I squeeze out a few wipes and put them in a ziploc bag.

This worked fine until DD stopped needing to be changed so much. As a toddler, we rarely need to change her when she is out, and I was forgetting about my wipes only to remember days later and have mildew-y wipes. So I bought a travel pack of sposie wipes.

But for my new baby I'll use cloth wipes on the go. I tried a squirt bottle but I like the whole wipe to be wet and I also found if I squirted DD's but it just ran right down and soaked the the above method worked the best for us.
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