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question..... about cm and bloody gums?

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Hello. I am not using birth control and we practice the pull out method.

Which has resulted in 2 children in 3 years.
Anyway- I am nursing and have thyroid problems so I am not SUPER concerned. I have not restarted my period since the birth of dd in November.

I have lots of CM and this morning my gums were bloody.

Do these things go together? Is AF coming back? Or should I go get a pg test and start saving for the MW again?

Thanks for any quick info for me!
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Bloody gums can be a sign of pregnancy- I'd take a test to be sure one way or the other. However, I had a number of weird pregnancy type symptoms before my first ppaf, something about the hormone surge.
Yes pretty sure I am gong to AF soon. I am a emotional mess!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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