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regulars would do you fine. they still fit my now 27 pound ds so i wouldn't worry about outgrowing them. they'll be trimmer for now too. now that ds is a little bigger, the premiums aren't bulky at all.

just wanted to throw out the option of indian prefolds as well. i haven't tried them yet but i've heard that they are a bit shorter and narrower so they have a trimmer fit but with more absorbancy and they are 4x8x4. ds is a light wetter as well but every once and a while he will flood something so we were thinking about trying these out.

you will probably go through more diapers with the CPF (we also use some FB here). with FB we usually change every 3 hours but i like to go ever 2 with a CPF (just because I usually don't line them with anything so he feels wet more). JB are very absorbant and i personally think they hold about the same or more than a regular CPF. CPF are slightly bulkier than a FB with a JB but i think only slightly more so (depending on your babies build). with a CPF and cover, I can get the diaper very trim through the crotch whereas with a FB the crotch sort of hangs a little (the fabric isn't up next to his skin).

microfleece would be the best liner. you can just get some from the fabric store and cut it out to the shape that you want.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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