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I'm still trying to figure out what size CPFs I should buy C to go with her wool soakers.

I'm trying to decide between size regular 4x6x4 and size premium 4x8x4.

I'm worried about the 4x8x4 being too bulky. I thought that if I got the 4x6x4 that I could always add in a liner for nighttime if necessary.

I know two people answered before to maybe get the 4x6x4 since she isn't a really heavy wetter but will she outgrow those faster? Should I go ahead and get the 4x8x4?

She is 11 months and can go with just one JB at night in her FB.


Edited to add:

This is the description for 4x6x4 regular size on

"This white-stitched Chinese prefold is kind of an in-between size. It is slightly smaller than a premium, and it only has 4x6x4 layers, making it less bulky. This would be a good choice if you have a smaller baby that isn't a supersoaker.

Recommended from 6 months to 2 years.

Fits perfectly in medium and large sized covers."

Chloe is only 17 pounds. But since I have never used regular CPFs before (only FBs) I have no idea if FBs hold more urine at a time? I'm trying to gage whether or not she is a light or heavy soaker. Since we're using hemp JB liners, do the JB liners hold more than the CPFs will? I usually don't go through more than 5-7 FBs in a day. Will I go through more than that using CPFs? Will I need to change her more often using CPFs due to them being cotton? I don't want to buy the 4x6x4 and have to turn around and buy 4x8x4 soon afterwards. But I don't want her to have too much bulk! What material of liner is best to use?

I am so CONFUSED!!
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