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Question about Cramping.

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Ok- so I have had a Marina IUC in since my littlest was 6 weeks old (he's almost 2) and have had no complaints there. Now, in the last few weeks I have been having cramps- started only at night or if I had done too much in a day (I've been down and out for a fractured hip due to severe osteoporosis- so I've only recently been up walking-after being down for more than 6months) and now it's getting worse. I have cramps almost all day, and have had several days where i'm super naucious (again, I take pain pills so there could be the reason for that) we live in the 'hills' and it's very twisty turney roads and I got CAR SICK last night. I haven't gotten car sick since I was pregnant with my 3rd kiddo. Now I noticed today that my boobs are sore and hard. DH wonders if I'm pregnant. NO WAY- right? Now he's got me all freaked out because I can't be pregnant again, and there is no way I can actually have another baby.

So- has anyone ever had pretty severe cramping with the Marina? Looking for any kind of imput. I will be calling the doc this week- but just wondering if anyone has BTDT with this issue.
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I have never had the Mirena IUD so can't help you there, but if you are having symptoms and are pregnant for whatever reason, you should be far enough along for it to show up on a test. I'd pick up a $tree test just to make sure.
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