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question about domperidone

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Has anyone used the drug domperidone to help produce breast milk? We have a new adopted baby, and we've been using breast milk given to us by friends. Now I have just learned about this drug and want to know more about it. I've been doing internet research, but I'd love to talk to someone who has actually used it. I am very reluctant to take any kind of drug, but at the same time if I could produce some of the breast milk...?


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I used it after my first ds was born. We had all sorts of problems, but I didn't know we had problems until he was about a month old- by then, my supply was pretty much shot. I was only pumping 5 oz a day. I started the dom and within 3-4 days, I was pumping 13 oz a day, within a week or 2 after that, ds was nursing full time and I started to wean myself off the meds. Ds was 4 mos old by the time he was nursing exclusively.

I used the dom as a last resort, I tried all the herbs and other tricks to get milk supply up and none of them worked. I really didn't want to use meds, especially ones that aren't available in the US, but it was give them a try or switch to formula. It was my one last chance. Ds ended up nursing until around 22 mos, when I was pg w/#3.

I had nursed my dd until she was 20 mos old, so I don't know if that helped re-establish my supply. If ds had been my first, I don't know if the domperidone would have made a difference, but in my opinion, if you've tried everything else- give it a try. The benefits outweighed the risks (and I saw no negative side effects in my or my baby).
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I used it to help boost my low supply when my baby wouldn't latch after he was born and I had to pump. I got it from and had a good experience with them.

Have you nursed a baby before? If so, how long ago? Are you pumping?

You may already have these, but here are some resources on adoptive breastfeeding:
According to the FDA report just released, this drug is illegal in the US and not tested for use as a lactation aid and the affects on newborns is unknown. How did you decide it was okay for you to use? How do you get it? My supply is starting to dwindle, which may be normal given my dd is 9 mos old, but I'm worried it's b/c I work FT and don't always have time to pump as much as I'd like to. Fenugreek, oatmeal and lots of water are working for the day-to-day supply, but I would like to have a big stash so I could have a night away with dh sometime this summer.
Please read Dr. Hale's response to the recent FDA "warning" on domperidone:

Excellent website for adoptive bf'ing including message boards:
"this drug is illegal in the US and not tested for use as a lactation aid and the affects on newborns is unknown."

Domperidone (motilium) is considered very safe for infants. In fact, it is prescribed for infants who have gastointestinal upset and are not gaining weight appropriately. The amount an infant gets taking it orally is far more than the small amount in breastmilk. It is also an over-the-counter drug in many countries.

The FDA lost a lot of credibility with a lot of lactation professionals when they released their warning. Domperidone is a very safe drug and a great option for women who have low supply. Their motives are, to say the least, suspect.

For a drug that has not been tested as a lactation aid, there are thousands and thousands and thousands of women using it as such. I belong to a Breastfeeding After Reduction surgery group (many women on this group have low supply) and you simply would not believe how many women have taken it.

I'm taking 120mg of domperidone a day and have researched this drug a lot. It is, in many ways, better than taking an herbal supplement because it has been studied vociferously and has, for all intents and purposes, no side effects (fenugreek makes you stink and can cause gassiness, and blessed thistle makes you and baby VERY gassy).
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Any thoughts on starting Domperidone at a later stage? I was just diagnosed with low supply at 7.5 months and am wondering if its too late to try it?
No, domperidone can help you at any stage. However, Dr. Jack Newman recommends trying other protocols first. For instance, has the baby's latch been checked? If the baby has a bad latch (a common cause of low supply problems) that needs to be addressed.

You can find info at domperidone here :

Dr. Jack Newman's info for breastfeeding moms here :
Kristi, thank you for that BFAR link. The two letters written to the FDA, one by a dr. and one by a mother, were fascinating to read.
dr. hale has responded to the FDA warning.
he says there's nothing to worry about.

i take it, and plan to keep taking it.
I started taking Domperidone 2 weeks ago in order to relactate. My ds is 8 1/2 months old & had not BF since 3 months old due to medical issues. After 2 weeks I am now getting 1/2 ounce each time I pump, so he gets from 2-4 ounces a day dependiong on how often I am able to pump. I have researched Domperidone extensively & am not at all concerned with what the FDA has to say. I was able to get Domperidone locally.

From what my LC & my son's pedi have told me it is NOT illegal in the U.S., just frowned upon in use for BF reasons. And as pointed out previously it is approved in the U.S. for use in babies with gastro issues. For me Domperidone is a miracle drug. I have milk for my son & I have no negative side effects.

To the OP: Congrats on your new addition, and good luck to you whatever your choice about Domperidone.

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do you *have* yo have a prescription to get it? If not, where can I find dosing information.
you have to have a prescription to get it in the US, but some order it over the internet without aprescription. Dr. Jack Newmn's domperidone handouts can be found at

Also, you might find this link interesting. It's from the academy of compounding pharmacists and explains the legality issues well:


Originally Posted by Quirky
I used it to help boost my low supply when my baby wouldn't latch after he was born and I had to pump. I got it from and had a good experience with them.
I've been given this link twice and can't access it. I get a "specified server cannot be found" error. Anybody else having trouble?

the link won't work for me either
Not working for me either
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here's some contact info i found for globaldrug:
Planet Pharmeceuticals {7-1-04 currently shipping}
Contact: Lisa
[email protected]

Fax: +678 28133 (Vanuatu)
Tel: +678 28134 (Vanuatu)
Free phone if calling from the US: 011 (877) 271 6591

i'm really worried about the site being down, this is where i order from!! i'm sending them an e-mail and i will also try to call them as soon as i get home (at work now).
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they were having server issues. i just heard from them.
the site is back up.
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Thanks for the info. Incredibly dissapointing that the FDA issues a warning that's totally baseless. I can't even imagine what purpose this is serving. Are they out to get BF moms, or is that they've noticed people are buying this from outside the US so they're worried about profit loss?
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Originally Posted by chlobo
do you *have* yo have a prescription to get it? If not, where can I find dosing information.
Dosage info can be found here :

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