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Question about EWCM - beware, possibly TMI!!!

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I can't seem to find this information anywhere, hoping that you brilliant MDC mamas will be able to enlighten me....

When classifying CM as EWCM, I understand it needs to be stretchy but does it have to be a specific color? Obviously raw eggwhite is clear, so is EWCM always clear or can it be cloudy and/or white? Is the color indicative of anything (is it better quality if it is clear)?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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nope... just has to be stretchy. Sometimes mine would be clear, sometimes clear yellowish (especially depending on what vitamins id been taking) sometimes a cloudy white.

as long as its slippery/stretchy you are good!

And dont worry, its hard to get TMI around here lol this is actually a VERY tame question
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LOL! Thanks a lot, Maeryn - for the info & the reassurance. Now I'll start thinking up some really juicy topics
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