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Question about foods with alcohol

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Hi there,
I'm new to this website, it seems really great. I am due Nov 9th/06 with our first and am SO excited. After trying for over 2 years, its a real blessing. So that's a bit about me. I have a question for you guys. Last night, I was over at a friend's house for a get together. Most people don't know we are pg yet. She served a choco cake after the meal and I decided to eat some. After about 2 bites I realized that it had alcohol in it. I was very concerned and stopped eating. Now I'm really worried that I've done something to harm my little one. I am so worried I've not been able to sleep. What are you thoughts/experience on this? I've called my midwife but have not heard back yet.
thanks for your help.
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Chances are you're fine. French women drink a glass of wine everyday while pregnant and don't seem to have any adverse effects. It's binge drinking (more than two or three drinks) that causes the most problems.

I don't know what kind of cake it was, but wouldn't the alcohol have cooked out of it in the baking process? Or was it somehow soaked in alcohol after it was baked. I haven't ever heard of a chocolate cake with alcohol in it, but perhaps I just haven't been around enough...
thanks for your response. It was a choco cake with a cream layer running through it, it tasted like grand marnier or something. I don't think it would have been cooked off b/c it was in the creamy layer. I only had two bites though, so hoping it was not bad.
You probably consumed such a tiny amount that I really wouldn't worry about it at all!! Like pageta mentioned in other countries women do drink small amounts of alcohol (sometimes daily) during pregnancies and it doesn't seem to cause any problems. I'm sure some do it in the US too but since it's taboo they don't openly talk about it. I don't drink non-pregnant so it's a non issue for me.

Congrats and welcome to MDC!!!!!!!!
I actually don't drink either (not in over 3 yrs) so it was a bit scary. But you are right, it was a tiny amt and my midwife called and said the same thing! thanks a LOT for helping me out. I'm looking forward to being on here more!
I would not worry about it one bit. The stress it's causing you is probably doing more harm then the alcohol. When I was pregnant with DS I went to dinner with DH and had 2 glasses of wine (I didn't know I was pregnant and we were not really trying). My Dr. said it was fine and not to worry. I don't think drinking is at all ok during pregnancy but that small an amount is not going to do any harm.

Welcome and congrats!

It's the old 'all things in moderation' mantra.... a little bit of anything shouldn't put you in some big risky situation.

I did a lot of research about the drinking and pregnancy thing (I was sure my dc would be forever scarred by the holiday drinking I did before I knew I was pg) and I learned that
1) there are very, very real problems associated with drinking while pregnant and they are also associated with chronic and binge drinking, as mentioned by one of the pp's
2) real alcoholics tend to underreport or lie, which effectivly skews the research on drinking and pregnancy since it depends on self reporting.
3) women in Europe don't worry about this and also tend to be much better at consuming in moderation, as also mentioned before
4) as the child of hippies, raised with other hippie children, I have come to realize that none of those adults were ever completely avoiding anything.... and my peers and I are not suffering from any devastating physical or mental issues (well, we think!

It's so easy to worry during pregnancy, especially when you've been trying for so long, but I think you can relax! Everything will be just fine.
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Well...I was mad about my dh's boss (JERK) the 2nd week after conception with dd--and I think I drank like 4 gin and tonics...stiff ones too. Felt bad after I found out I was pg a couple of weeks later...but was told not to worry...she is fine!
I was in Florida on vacation around 2nd week after conception with this baby...and me and my friend Amanda would play scrabble, yahtzee, etc while our girls would play in the play room...and we'd drink...gin and tonics or bloody mary's....well...I am going to let my self be comfortable with that knowledge since I have many friends who have done similar things not knowing they were pg. It is a different ball game if you are drinking to get drunk WHILE you know you are pg.
I also think that a glass of wine a day won't hurt you. But I usually don't feel like drinking at all while pg.
This probably won't help, just wanted you to know you are not alone...and in fact, you had MUCH LESS alcohol than I!!!
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