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I pump at varying times of the day and I wonder whether Morrigan is getting enough hindmilk from what I'm seeing of my pumping efforts. I can express 4oz of bm per session (no matter WHAT time of day) but of that more than 3oz of that appears to be foremilk and only about .5 oz AT MOST looks to be hindmilk. THis is every pumping no matte rhow long I pump or how many let down's I have (usually 2-4 per breast).

What can I do to change this - it just seems liek that isn't enough. Maybe I'm worng b ut I dont' remember having thtis littel amount of hindmilk when I nursed Lili.

Also could this be why when she nurses she does it pretty much constantly for up to 2 hours at a time? Is she "waiting" on the hindmilk?

Any help or info is appreciated! TIA Ladies!
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