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Question about Hanna Andersson clothing and outlet

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Hi Ladies!

I'm new here, will post an intro in "Pleased to Meet You" as soon as I get a chance.

I really love Hanna Andersson clothing for kids. It's nice and simple, but waaaay to expensive. I was wondering if any of you were familiar with similar type of clothing that is cheaper and more affordable to buy?

I have this crazy idea..tell me what you guys think..

I have one ds so far but we want to have a bigger family. So far we have received clothing from relatives but I'm not really pleased with the quality and the looks of it, so I was thinking to buy my son Hanna Andersson stuff which my other kids could wear then too. So that way I'm justifying for myself buying more expensive it will pay off if it's for 2-3 kids..
Also, I want to simplify and throw all the junk out..and buy couple of pieces that are good quality. Another argument for Hanna, right?

Let me know what you guys think.

Also, I was wondering if any of you live close to any of the Hanna Andersson outlets. Are the prices there much better than the catalogue/website ones? Because then I could maybe convince dh to go to one of the outlets for some major shopping..

Thanks in advance.

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There's an outlet in southern Maine, about 3 hours from me. That's the only one I know of.
You can also find Hanna'a used sometimes, check the swap boards here, ebay , etc
We don't have a Hanna outlet anywhere near here--so I order all of my Hanna's online. They are pricey--but they do last well. I cannot imagine a whole wardrobe of Hanna's though

You know--it is strange too--because my daughters don't necessarily *love* their Hannas. I bought them matching "it's a day dress--it's a play dresses"he striped ones), plus the leggings in different colors. I think they are adorable, but neither one of them ever wants to wear it when I pull it out! I have actually fought with the older one on the issue, but she does not like the way it looks. And they seem to get *really* hot in their Hanna's, even in winter. I have Hanna sweats for them, as well as a few coats--but they are not really into them. My 3 year old will pick her purple fuzzy coat my mom got her from JCPenney anyday over her super cute (in my opinion) Hanna coat.

I recently bought my 6 year old the Thousand Flower dress and she does like that very much. She wore it for picture day and it looks lovely on her. But they are so expesive that to buy the dress and the tights is a MAJOR purchase.

I, on the other hand LOVE my Hannas. Not so much the t-shirts, but the pants have been great for me. I have the yoga pants, journey to Sweden red pants, and black boot cut simple pants. Love them all!

I would say don't throw out your other clothes. As your kids get older they will develop "favorites" and they may not be the Hanna's. Sometimes I will get a shirt or dress from my parents that I think is just "okay" and my child will end up loving it.
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We have some Hanna stuff, mostly found at consignment stores and garage sales. We also have an outlet close by(in Woodinville, WA). The clothes do wear well, but my favorite place for clothes is actually Sears. I buy a ton of stuff for next year at their end of the season sales. Back to Hanna won't find serious bargains at the outlet store, unless you happen to hit a good sale. My suggestion is to wait 'til the end of season sale. I believe it's in mid-December & mid-June. Keep checking the website, because the bargains go fast!

Stephanie, mom to 4 yr old Neil & 8 month old Reid
My experience with some of the Hanna stuff is the same as Lisa's. My dd mostly doesn't like the Hanna things, and by and large she is NOT at all picky about clothes. I think they are adorable, but dd does not.

My BIL's girlfriend sends us beautiful Hanna stuff as gifts with some frequency--I'd personally not spend that much money on kid clothes. I find that quality is nice, but kids stain things and otherwise ruin them sufficiently that I won't pay that much for clothes no matter what the quality.

Also, I've found with my girls that sometimes hand me downs work and sometimes they don't. Different kids, different body types, different likes and dislikes, etc. I also don't find it fair that the little one always gets the old clothes. But maybe that's because I came from a huge family and was usually on the receiving end of the hand me downs.
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