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WAIT! don't put anti-bacterial ointment on it b/c that could kill the natural healty "good" bacteria that live in that area.

I am pg with #1 right now, so i've never tried this before, but i have heard that these work.

1~put some breastmilk on it directly. I don't know how/why this works, but i have heard that it will clear up minor irritations, especially on the penile tissues.

2~run a plain water bath and put afew drops of calendula oil in the water and let him soak. calendula promotes healing of minor irritations, cuts, and abrasions. do not put calendula directly on the area since some brands dilute the calendula with alcohol, and that would sting!

anyway, if you are BFing still, try that first, since it's free. LOL! then try the calendula bath if the BM doesn't work.

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