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question about my baby's carseat

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My ds will be 4 months on june 20th. He weighs 18 lbs. his carseat says that it's good for children up to one year or 20 lbs. well, he's not exactly one year yet but he's very close to the 20 lbs. (he's gaining about 1 lb a week)
what should I do? should I buy him a new bigger carseat? can the bigger carseats face backwards?

I didn't even think about this until today a friend of mine suggested that I take a look at my carseat's manual to make sure his weight is ok for it.

thanks for your help..
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AFAIK you always go by whichever comes first. As soon as your babe hits one of those points, you buy a new carseat. Yes there are carseats that can still go backwards. It'll just take a little research.

We bought a new carseat when my DD was 7 months, it goes backwards and I think it will be good for a long time
... How can they say one year ?
I was confused too because she was still very young but it was a fact that she was too big for the other one.
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I think the length is also an important factor. I know with my dd, we had her in a "bucket" until she was about 6 mos. and too tall for it. With my ds, this time, we never had a bucket, and he was in a Britax Roundabout from when he was few hours old. It's good for 5-40 lbs.--(This was my dd's seat until his birth, and she was 3 at the time--she could still be in it)--and good for rear, or forward facing. They should be rear facing, no matter what until AT LEAST one year. ( I think the laws say 1 yr. in the US). The longer, the safer. We had my dd rear facing until just around 15 mos. My ds, may make it until 12.5 mos, because we are driving halfway across the country, and I think he'll be happier on the trip this way!
You have to get a convertible carseat. They can face backwards and forwards. I think the weight limit on them (at least facing backwards) is around 30 pounds.
Thanks so much for posting this!! My son is almost 4 months and 18 pounds. I never thought of the carseat being an issue until now. I guess we're getting a larger one too.
Thanks again,
Hi, I'm a lurker that stopped by from the diapering board. I'm also a child passenger safety technician. Babies need to stay rear facing until AT LEAST one year due to their under developed neck. When a baby is rear facing the seat will absorb most of the crash energy and the baby's neck and head are safely supported. However, once a baby is turned forward facing the baby absorbs most of the crash forces and there's nothing protecting the head and neck. That's why the longer they stay rear facing the safer they are, even past a year.

A rear facing car seat (infant/bucket style or rear facing convertible) is out grown when the weight limit is met or the baby has less than one inch of hard plastic above the head. Long legs are not an issue. When baby out grows the infant seat they'll need a convertible seat used in the rear facing position. Once the convertible is out grown in the rear facing position it should be used in the forward facing position until 40 lbs OR until it's outgrown in height (top of ears above seat back OR shoulders above top harness slot). If child is under 40lbs and/or 4 yrs then a harnessed booster should be used. Once a child is mature enough to sit still and as close to 40 lbs as possible then a belt positioning booster should be used. Kids will need boosters until close to 4'9" depending on the child and vehicle. Please don't go only by your state laws. Few protect children as much as they should.

A great web site that explains the importance of rear facing as well as other important information can be found at . also has good info.

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Angie gave great advice.

I just wanted to add that we LOVE our Evenflo Triumph 5 carseat. It sells for about $120. It has these cool cranks on the side that tighten the straps. It is rearfacing until 33 lbs. It got GREAT crash test ratings- even better than the Britax. Grant is about 28-30 lbs. now (just a guess since he hasn't been weighed for several months) and is still rearfacing.

Just wanted to let you know that we love our carseat and would highly recommend it.
Great post, racesmom!! Just wanted to add that some convertible seats can hold a child heavier than 40 lbs.

We chose the Britax Marathon b/c it had one of the highest rear-facing weight limits (33 lbs, I believe) AND a high forward-facing limit (65 lbs). Right now, DS is tall and skinny, so he may outgrow his seat height-wise before he hits the weight limit, but we wanted to be safe!!

We really like that Marathon. It is a little pricey, but safety is an area where we'd rather not skimp, YK?

Britax has the Marathon and Wizard that rf to 33 ff to 65. I'm still trying to decide between the two. I think we'll probably get a Triumph for dh car.

Sorry I didn't cover everything, but I tend to post book long posts if I let myself get started. =) The links I gave are very good and highly recommended.

Gotta nak.
Aidan will be 4 months on Friday and he's been in his big carseat for about a month now. The convertibles can go backwards, they look awkward though. I suggest you buy one that the seatbelt doesn't have to go over their lap (loops through the top of the seat). My stepmother bought Aidan's and it's so awkward to meneuver his chunky legs under the belt and THEN hook the rest up. (No moolah to buy another, so we'll be meneuvering for awhile!)
I am also a CPS technician, and Racesmom (Angie) gave great advice! That is what I was going to type and the links I was going to post!

My daughter is 12 months and about 20 lbs. If I went by the minimum "rules", I could turn her forward-facing now, but I will be keeping her rear-facing (RF) until she outgrows the RF weight limit of her seat, at 30 lbs. I totally recommend keeping them RF as long as you possibly can, it really is so much safer!
Hi there - I'm a longtime parttime lurker - coming in from the cold coz we have a big kid too - she is 4mo, 17lb & bulging out of her bucket coz she is tall. Can anyone make any quick recommendations about a usable reasonable combination seat? TIA!!

Originally Posted by pageta
You have to get a convertible carseat. They can face backwards and forwards. I think the weight limit on them (at least facing backwards) is around 30 pounds.
It depends on the brand. Britax has the broadest range by far.
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