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I've used OPK's for the past three months. One brand the first two months, different brand last month and was planning on using it again this cycle.

So far none of the OPK's have hit that "as dark as or darker" then the control line. Are some OPK tests not as sensitive as others, like some EPT tests? I'm trying to figure out if I should switch test brands, or if its just the way I test..or...something else?

That first month I figured it was user error
and I was testing too late in the evening, even tho the first day I tested I got a faint line and the next 4 days the tests showed no second line.

The second month I didn't record anything because of other stuff going on.

Then last month I got a negative and two days of "close to almost as dark as the control line" followed by a negative. This backed up my temping and CM notes. It also made me think that maybe that is just my "normal", or the tests "normal"

Also, what if anything, can having OPK's that don't hit the "as dark as or darker" mark tell me? I feel like this is the month where I/we decide to either stop TTC or go the route of RE and get me "poked, proded and tested", so any and all help to decipher this chaos is appreciated

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