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So, when I woke up yesterday my temp had dipped, and I'm fairly certain that it was my ovulation dip. At 9:30pm last night we BDed, and this morning I had what seems to be my thermal shift (temp spiked). Yesterday my cervix seemed rather high and open and soft, and today it is definitely low and firmer and closed. The CM is a bit of a crapshoot because I was somewhat drier this cycle.

So my question is, when did I ovulate? I know the ovum lives about 24 hours, but did the egg pop out when the temperature dipped yesterday am, and then theoretically live till this morning, or did the temp dip indicate that the the ovum had already been out for awhile?

And how frequent is the triphasic temperature climb?

And will I need 18 days of elevated temperatures to confirm pregnancy, or should I just test once my regular luteal phase has gone by without a period in sight?

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