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I'm 12 days postpartum and have had very, very little lochia. I've been using panti-liners since I got home from the hospital 5 days ago, and could have used them while there if they'd given me the option - I never had heavy or clotty bleeding, or even afterbirth pains. I haven't had so much as a menstrual cramp.

Today I'm crampy for the first time. and I just went to the bathroom and I'm passing clots and definitely more blood, probably the amount I'd pass on my period. Should I see an increase like this so far after I've given birth? I've just been sitting around my house, not doing anything taxing. I did the dishes and have literally been sitting on my butt all day, no more activity than any other day, really. I feel fine, I'm not having additional soreness or feeling tired or anything like that. I took my temp with my BBT thermometer and it's 98.8. I don't feel feverish.

I have a call in to the on-call doc but I haven't heard back from him yet.
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