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I've been a "back and forth" diaper mama.
: I have used cloth and disposables. My ds always breaks out with a rash from cloth after about 2 weeks of use, so we then have to switch to disposables to clear it up. The last two months he has been exclusively in cloth diapers, but still has the rash. I just had a realization one day that cloth must be so much nicer to wear than disposables, even if there is a rash present. (I know that disposable Mama Pads are irritating and acutually hurt to wear - so I figured a diaper must be 100 times as bad) Also, lately the disposables were giving him the same rash.

Ok, here is my question. We can't afford a lot of fancy covers so I've been using covers with PUL, mostly Pro-Wraps. I've read where there are issues with disposables because they don't let the heat out and it can cause problems in little boys with reproduction later in life. Is this true of diaper covers that have PUL also? Seems to me that they would also keep the heat in just like disposables because isn't PUL a plastic?

So, is fleece and wool the way to go? I have a wool allergy so I'm worried about putting wool on ds and new babe (who's due in a week) but I wonder if it might help with his rash to have a breathable cover. Any Mom's have wool allergies but still able to use wool covers?

Sorry so many questions. Just wondering. I know that my ds's bum feels pretty darn warm when I take his diaper off of him after he has been wearing a Pro-Wrap.

Thanks Mama's for your help!
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