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question about rainbow light prenatal once daily..

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For those of you who have the giant big bottle...does it start to smell after a while? I am REALLY, super sensitive to the smell of B vites breaking down, and I don't want to get it if the vites are gonna have a "vitaminey" smell.

I can get the vites in a pillow-pack (where you push the vite through the foil right before you take it) but it costs twice as much. Since i really like them, I was thinking of just getting the big bottle (like 150 pills or something...) but I don't want to if after a a few weeks it's gonna smell like B vites.

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Yes, I noticed this smell when I got to the end of my first bottle. I at that point, switched over to the 6-per day, and am nearly at the bottom of that bottle - no smell.

Overall, I prefer the 6-per day.
I like the ease of the one-a-days. I've been taking them for over 3 years now. Yes- they stink. My daughter has a game--- every morning "mommy! Can I smell your stinky vitamins?"
yes, they do smell like vitamins...I think they smell from the time you open them though...but I couldn't manage the 6 a day ones...they made me sick. I just deal with the smell.

I just had my first morning sickness after taking one...(TMI: my puke kind of smelled like it...gross) I guess I will start taking them later in the day.
I buy the big 150 bottle and I have been taking them daily for over three years. I can't say I smell anything, but I don't think I have the greatest nose!
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so....paying double for the pillow-pack it is!!!!!

ANY vite smell will kill me, so I'll just shell out the dough.....
I found the smaller bottles online for cheaper (per pill) than buying the huge bottle. So that's another option, then they're open less long.
I've never taken the one a day. The 6 a day seemed to have more in them and I don't mind taking lots of pills, LOL. I was just going to second the buying them online because I get the 6 a day ones for almost half what I would pay for them locally.
I've got the 6 a day, and am struggling to get one in per day cause of smell and m/s. Ugh.
not just the smell.....the TASTE. ick. i spent some $$ on those and couldn't even get one close to my mouth without gagging. i couldn't get them down. they stink and i have a whole bottle left in my cupboard.
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